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Five minutes with Reynold Poernomo

Known as the ‘Dessert King’, we spent five minutes with Masterchef Australia hall of fame inductee Reynold Poernomo.

Reynold Poernomo

There’s something about Reynold

Reynold’s drive to succeed led to the opening of his renowned dessert bar in 2016, KOI Dessert Bar & Dining, which he operates with his two brothers. In addition to their popular dessert degustation, the trio also serve up a set menu of savoury dishes inspired by their Indonesian and Australian heritage. Despite Reynold’s incredible technique, he has never studied, nor is professionally trained as a chef; although with parents both in the hospitality industry, it’s easy to see what led him down this sweet path. 

KOI Dessert Bar

As a special feature at this year's Regional Flavours, KOI Dessert Bar from Sydney is bringing their signature desserts. Delight yourself in their selection of desserts that combine unique flavours and "too pretty to eat".

Reynold will be appearing at the Main Stage at Regional Flavours on Sunday 21 July. To find out more, head to the main stage venue page on the event website.

There’s always room for dessert

Q & A with Reynold…

Q: What is the future of desserts with the world giving up sugar?
R: “I don’t believe the world is giving up sugar. At least sugar in general, sugars are everywhere and in almost everything we eat. It’s a seasoning that we all need in our food that makes it tasty, like salt.

Now as for refined sugars like icing and white, that I believe and am all for. It allows cooks and chefs alike access to other sources and exploring unrefined sugars. I myself have fallen in love with palm sugar and Muscovado, Valrhona chocolate uses Muscovado in one of their range called “Orelys” and I freaking love it! 

And palm sugar, well it’s just overall not too sweet, it’s lower in GI and gives a beautiful caramel note to a dish.”

Q: How do you think technology is shaping the future of our food?
R: “We’re able to become more accurate in terms of scaling. Able to be more and more artistic with design and heck even 3D printers are now involved.

Though in saying that, the heart and soul of food will always be the ones made by hands. Our hands can never be replaced by any machine if the food is made with love.”

Q: You come from a family of chefs, did you feel pressure to follow the family legacy or was it a natural progression?
R: “Definitely natural progression, it just happens to be that I ended up on the same path. I tried to deviate and it never worked out... not the brightest in school, and not the most talented in sports. 

I follow my own path however, my mum with her beautiful cakes, Ronald doing the papers and making mad cocktails. Arnold being a celebrity and making epic flavoursome, honest food. As for me, my own way of rebelling is dreaming of having a small restaurant that is intense, intimate and very high focused dining.”

Q: What do you cook with at home that you never use at KOI? (equipment or food)
R: “Food-wise, that’s easy. Anything instant, from frozen meals to two minute ramen/indomie. 

Equipment-wise, blunt knives and c**p chopping board, seriously... I need to revamp and re-equip my home kitchen. It sucks.”
Q: Best kitchen innovation / contraption ever invented?
R: “Kitchenaid mixer, they have every attachment you need which is cool. I make both pasta and ramen, that’s a win for life, and that’s both for home and commercial kitchens.

Thermomix, I need smooth gels for my food and purees that any baby can eat.

Lastly pacojet, it’s convenient for ice creams and sorbets. Very much an essential for a small kitchen. I have a caprigiani gelato machine... but for a 1 litre churner, it’s massive and needs four people to move it.”

Q: If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be and what would you cook?
R: “I’ve been stuck on this question for almost 20 minutes. I can’t pick one. Not sure if I would like to cook for them, rather I’d love to cook with them. And that would be my chef heroes - Grant Achatz, Heston, Jordan Kahn, Dominique Crenn and the Roca brothers.”

Q: How do you think people’s tastes in food has changed over ten years of MasterChef Australia?
R: “Well, I believe people are now well educated from the show with food and ingredients. So they know more of what they’re ordering and eating when dining out.”

Q: What do you eat when you’re home alone and no one is looking?
R: “I mix continental cup of soup (creamy chicken) with my easy mac... or overcooked indomie goreng, depending on my mood I either have it hot or wash it cold with extra sambal sauce (the same one they use which is ABC brand). Yeah I know, it’s so wrong, but it’s not as bad as people eating indomie goreng like a soup... that’s yeah, no comment.”

For more information on KOI Dessert Bar & Dining, head to the official website.

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