Instagrammable food - the dessert edition

Chocolate Dessert

Be the envy of all and boost your Instagram profile with shots of these tantalising South Bank desserts.

Chocolate Dessert I Stokehouse Q
A dessert that is guaranteed to impress, this almost other-worldly chocolate creation from Stokehouse Q tastes as good as it looks! Served in a fishbowl-shaped glass, a dark chocolate sorbet is surrounded by Valrhona chocolate and a light coffee cream, textured with crispy hazelnut crunch with so many shades and textures, it is a feast for the eyes.

Rainbow Ice Phuc Viet-Deli
Rainbow Ice I Phuc Viet-Deli
Far from the ordinary, Rainbow Ice is a next-level shaved ice dessert from Phuc Deli-Viet. Rose jelly, sweet red beans and coconut milk come together in this pretty Vietnamese treat.

Coconut Dessert Bacchus
Coconut Dessert I Bacchus
Bacchus offers a truly intriguing and unique dessert. A coconut cheesecake is a rarity - comprising cream cheese, marscarpone, yoghurt, coconut, sugar and leaves of gelatin. There is a delicate balancing act of colour and textured elements, topped with butterscotch mousse.

Soft Serve Burger Project

Soft Serve I Burger Project 
An unexpected insta find on the Burger Project menu are the decadent soft serve cup and cone desserts! They’re made with creamy Valrhona chocolate and vanilla bean soft serve enhanced with sumptuous toppings. An image you can almost taste, your insta shot will make the viewer wish they were there with you.

Kawaii Cake Harajuku Gyoza
Kawaii Cake I Harajuku Gyoza
Kawaii means "cute" in Japanese, which is certainly the best way to describe this rainbow-coloured cheesecake on the menu at Harajuku Gyoza! Set against the funky graphics of the distinctive melamine plates, rest assured you will have a colour-popping shot.