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Experience Brisbane's best view


Look at this view! We are a lucky bunch in Brisbane – not only do we have some of the best weather in the land, but we also have some of the best outdoor restaurants and bars to enjoy it at.

One of our favourites is undeniably Stokebar at Stokehouse Q, and with a view like this, it’s not hard to see why. If there’s one thing you add to your bucket list this year, it’s a leisurely afternoon spent soaking up this view accompanied by family, friends and good food and cocktails.

Here are our tips on what to order to make the day next-level. 

Start with a cocktail
No elegant afternoon is complete without a gorgeous cocktail or two to set the mood. Stokehouse Q has just launched its spring selection, so our tip is to start with a Vanilla Passionfruit Sour, a Tommy-gun Margarita or the unique beer cocktail, Ron’s Right Hook (pictured).

Enjoy a share plate
Eating while you’re drinking is not only smart, it’s also delicious! We recommend heading along on a Sunday and taking advantage of Stokehouse’s seasonal Sunday share-plates. You can choose from a vegetarian option (pictured), a meat plate or a seafood selection.

Finish with coffee
Enjoy your traditional end of meal coffee, Stokehouse style, by indulging in a coffee cocktail! There are three to choose from including crowd favourite, The Nutty Professor (pictured) which features brandy, amaretto, chestnut liqueur and coffee. There’s also a chocolate version and one with tequila.

Stokebar is open Monday to Thursday from midday until late, and Friday to Sunday from 11am to late. For more details, check out their website. To stay in the loop about what’s on at South Bank including events and new restaurant openings, make sure you sign up to South Bank’s free e-newsletter.

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