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Scenic strolls at South Bank

It’s a great time of year to be getting outdoors – make the most of Brisbane’s glorious weather by embarking on one of these scenic strolls at South Bank. For more information on each of these spaces, check the South Bank map.

Clem Jones Promenade
Clem Jones Promenade
The Clem Jones Promenade is one of Brisbane’s most popular thoroughfares for a reason – it overlooks the Brisbane River and has uninterrupted views of Brisbane’s burgeoning city skyline. Our tip is to start at the Epicurious Garden end and wander down the length of South Bank, through to the Cultural Precinct.

The Arbour
What could be better than getting acquainted with one of Brisbane’s most defining landmarks? The 1km long Arbour curls through the South Bank Parklands and features 443 curling, galvanised steel posts that are clad with vibrant magenta bougainvillea flowers. Insider advice: start at the Cultural  Forecourt end and finish up at River Quay. Then treat yourself to a coffee or a bite at one of the River Quay restaurants afterwards!

Goodwill Bridge
South Bank to CBD bridge loop
Spend your day exploring Brisbane’s north and south river banks with the South Bank to CBD bridge loop. Start at South Bank’s heritage-listed Victoria Bridge Abutment and learn about the rich history the previous two Victoria Bridges. Then, wander over the current Victoria Bridge and take in stunning river views. Loop through the city next and head back to South Bank Parklands via the Goodwill Bridge, an award-winning pedestrian bridge. 

Victoria Bridge
South Bank to Kangaroo Point Cliffs
For those who like a bit more of a hike, start at the Clem Jones Promenade and work your way along to the picturesque Kangaroo Point Cliffs. You can continue along the waterfront through to the Story Bridge, or climb the Kangaroo Point Cliffs stairs and loop back past the Queensland Maritime Museum to South Bank.

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