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South Bank's best healthy lunches: Round 2

It’s easy to fall into an unhealthy lunch trap – hot chips are just so good! But these South Bank items aren’t just healthy, they’re also tasty too. 

Denim Co
Roast turkey sandwich at Denim Co.
Not everything on this list is a salad! Denim Co’s gourmet turkey sandwich is also stuffed with salad and cranberry mayo.

Warm calamari and chorizo salad at The Charming Squire
Calamari for lunch? Yes please! In addition to its namesakes, this crowd favourite also comes with roasted capsicum, sundried tomato, Kalamata olives and a burnt orange dressing.

Nourish and Flourish burger at Grill’d
Grill’d’s low-carb bun is surprisingly good – in this burger you’ll find it wrapped around grass-fed lean beef, avocado, Dijon mustard, pickle and salad.

Slow-cooked beef salad at Guzman y Gomez
This lunch option features succulent beef on a bed of mixed greens and salsa. If beef is not your thing, you can opt for chicken, pulled pork, barramundi or roast vegetables instead.

Berry good low-sugar bowl at Kiss the Berry
If you have a sweet tooth, this lunch option will have you salivating – it’s made from blended acai berries, banana, blueberries and filtered water, topped with activated buckinis, yoghurt and fruit.   

Viet De Lites
Chicken salad at Viet de Lites
It may sound simple, but this classic from Viet de Lites will make your palate sing. It’s fresh, healthy, zesty and colourful.

Char-grilled prawn salad at South Bank Beer Garden
Did you know that prawns are low in fat and packed with protein? Enjoy them in all of their glory in this salad, along with a medley of citrus and whitlof leaves.

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