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South Bank's Best Hot Drinks

We often just think of a nice hot coffee when we think of our favourite hot drink, but there is so much more to discover at these South Bank cafes and restaurants.

Max Brenner hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate at Max Brenner

We all know Max Brenner is all about chocolate, so it’s only fitting that they offer seven hot chocolate varieties on top of their classic (although not by any means ordinary!) hot chocolate. Try Italian Thick, American Marshmallow, Crunchy Waffle Balls, Mexican Spicy, Coconut, Mint or Salted Caramel.

Affogato at Cowch

Coffee with a kick at Cowch 

If you love your coffee but like it with a little kick, head to Cowch where they serve it Irish – with whiskey, long black, cream and cinnamon – or Affogato – with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream served with shot of coffee, and Baileys or warm whiskey.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Italian Hot Chocolate

It’s nutty, it's rich and it’s chocolatey, Denim has created the perfect partnership in their peanut butter Italian hot chocolate. Bringing a twist to the well-known warm beverage, it will satisfy your desire for the creamy deliciousness that is peanut butter.

Lost Bean’s “Hot Drink with Bike”

Head to this much-favoured cyclists' rest stop to discover Renegade Roasters' organic, smooth and creamy coffee with a chocolatey finish. Best enjoyed with savoury dishes and sweet treats.

Paris Black Tea

Paris Black Tea at Bacchus

While the cuisine at Bacchus is always impressive, you might be surprised to find a just-as-impressive beverage menu. The Paris Tea, a fruity black tea with vanilla caramel flavours and a hint of lemony bergamot, pays homage to the city in a blend that is reminiscent of one of Paris’s most popular.