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South Bank's best superfood snacks

South Bank Parklands is a popular space for exercising and soaking up Queensland's glorious sunshine. Complete your health kick while you’re here with these tasty superfood feeds.

Coco Bliss Chia Pots

Coco Bliss 

Coco Bliss offers a range of chia pots ready for those on the go, made with chia seeds which are full of important nutrients. The tasty and tropical Mango Weis chia pot features coconut icecream, fresh mango, mango puree and coconut flakes and is sure to give you all the energy needed to swim laps at Streets Beach.  

Denim Co.

Keen on a breakfast dish that is not only delicious but is super healthy as well? The acai berry bowl at Denim Co. includes two well known superfoods - acai berry packed with antioxidants and kiwi fruit, rich in vitamin C and a good source of dietary fibre. 

Nonna's Deli Turmeric Latte

Nonna’s Deli

Turmeric may have been named 2018’s superfood of the year, but the spice has long been known for its health benefits and was a popular ingredient in ancient medicine. Recent studies suggest it can help with lowering inflammation and cholesterol and improve brain function. Tucked away on Grey Street, Nonna’s Deli has a turmeric latte that the health conscious adore.

San Kai

Is it any wonder that seaweed is a superfood? Full of iodine, fibre, folate, vitamin K and the best part is, it can be found in sushi! Located in Grey Street, San Kai is known for its quality sushi and range of delectable flavours. As an added bonus, try the salmon, also a superfood!


Pomegranate is one of those fruits that tastes delicious in a variety of hot or cold dishes. Made with the finest Ti Quan Yin Oolong tea leaves, and then mixed with tangy pomegranate, Bacchus has created a mouthwatering tea that you simply must try.

Southbeach Social

A leafy green including vitamin A, K and tons of vitamin C, Swiss chard stars in Southbeach Social's beetroot and pearl barley salad. Also made with pistachio and goat cheese, enjoy this dish with picturesque views of Streets Beach and the city. 

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