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South Bank's salad round up

Salads have come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of boring, uninspired lettuce-only creations – they now come packed with flavour, exotic ingredients and creative dressings. Here are the best options to try at South Bank.

Banh Mee Time

Bringing you authentic Vietnamese food with a modern twist, Banh Mee Time provides another opportunity to create a salad to your specific tastes. Choose up to 5 vegetable ingredients for your base and one or two proteins, with unexpected options like spring rolls and sugar cane prawns, finished with a selected dressing and toppings. 

Little Big House salad

Little Big House

Not just good for pub grub, go for a traditional classic Caesar salad at Little Big House or try something different with the tomato and bread salad. Make things more interesting by capping off your meal with salad add-ons – grilled chicken, squid and avocado.

Baba Ganouj

For more exotic options head to Baba Ganouj with the filling favourite, falafel salad or the refreshing fattoush. There’s also a superfood option with a quinoa salad featuring wild rocket, cherry tomato, walnuts, a vinegar dressing and your choice of chicken, lamb or smoked salmon.

Viet de Lites

The green papaya salad at Viet de Lites is a fresh, tropical affair of shredded papaya, Vietnamese mint, topped with peanut and chilli and a special dressing. If you fancy seafood as the star, crispy calamari is served with a healthy spin of mixed green salad.

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