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South Bank's Top Healthy Lunches

24 September 2015

From sashimi to smoothies, South Bank has a range of healthy options to satisfy even the most stringent of health kicks. Why not get takeaway and enjoy the fresh organic food in the sun-drenched, lush parklands.

South Bank's Healthy Lunches

Kiss The Berry

Health nuts rave about this acai specialist. The Brisbane-grown company harnesses purple berry goodness to serve up everything from acai bowls to green smoothies.

Viet De Lites

With healthy recipes and tasty Vietnamese flavours, head to this South Bank hotspot for vermicelli rice noodle salads and vegetable stir fry.

Dot Espresso

Keep your eye out for AstroTurf and a fibreglass sheep to spot this healthy cafe. Health-conscious diners should try the fresh juices and home-made sandwiches.

Ginga Sushi Train

Call in to Ginga Sushi for a healthy dose of traditional Japanese goodies from a menu drawing heavily on fresh seafood – from salmon sushi to flying-fish roe.

San Kai Japanese Restaurant

With a mix of modern and traditional Japanese cuisine, San Kai offers a range of healthy options, including beautifully prepared sashimi.

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