Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Cheese comes in many delightful forms! Fulfill all of your cheesy desires with these delicious dishes, available at South Bank.


The Yiros Shop

The only thing better than chips made from potato are chips made from cheese! If you haven’t tried them yet, treat yourself to a serving of haloumi chips from The Yiros Shop. Just the right amount of subtle crisp, delicious!

Mucho Mexicano

Did someone say quesadilla - the dish that cheesiness holds together? Mucho Mexicano serves four exotic types of quesadillas (of which cheese is an essential ingredient) pork adobo, brisket, truffled chicken and sweet potato.

Brooklyn Depot

Americana at its finest, Brooklyn Depot delivers mac ‘n’ cheese with three cheeses – gruyere, mozzarella and parmesan. They're baked in béchamel sauce, perfectly partnered with bacon bits and topped with a spring onion garnish. To enhance your cheese experience, add some truffle flavor. Super fancy!

Zeus Street Greek

It just can’t get any feta at Zeus. Not just content as an inclusion in the Village Salad (their version of a Greek salad), Zeus offers feta filo fingers – creamy feta wrapped up in filo pastry with a drizzle of honey and sesame. They also have feta and oregano chips – chips topped with a generous portion of crumbled feta and oregano to season.


Who doesn’t like a cheese board? Cowch produces cheese boards with three types of cheese and the perfect accompaniments of cornichons, Dijon mustard, pickled figs and crackers.