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Tastes of Asia at South Bank

There’s no getting around it – South Bank is home to some seriously pho-nomenal flavours. From India, to Japan, to the hawker stalls of Vietnam, you’ll find the city’s top collection of Asian flavours in and around South Bank.

Before you read on, be warned: you’ll want to eat won ton of everything.

Junk Boat

Junk Boat

Take a bao, Junk! Pan-Asian banquets don’t get any better than this. Taking a seat at Junk pretty much guarantees that you’ll be ordering 50 of everything, but we especially recommend sharing the pork belly bao and crispy peking duck spring rolls. You’d be mad not to.

P'nut Street Noodles 

Keep it real on Grey Street with the strong flavours of Asian street style noodles, soups and salad made from grandma’s authentic recipes. 

Chu the Phat 

You’ll find the trendy younger sibling of Madame Wu just up the road in South Brisbane, but trust us – these flavours are worth the walk. Nab some of the succulent steamed duck buns and prep for a big phat feast.

Hello Please

Spring rolls, dumplings and bao, yes please! Get fresh Vietnamese cuisine at Fish Lane, an aptly named location to order your fish cakes and other delectable dishes. 


Hey, it doesn’t matter if you pronounce it "poke," "poh-kay", or "poh-kee" – all that matters is it’s damn delicious. Poké bowls are all the rage right now, sorting those sushi cravings with bowls piled high in your choice of raw salmon, spicy tuna, or a different protein, rice, and goodies like edamame, avocado, and pickled ginger. 

Harajuku Gyoza

We have dumpling to tell you – if you haven’t stopped in for a meal at Harajuku Gyoza, you’re officially missing out. Famous for its grilled gyoza and DIY dipping sauce, these guys are the go-to for Godzilla-sized cravings.

Mrs Luu’s

Banh dreaming of the perfect Vietnamese feast? Explore the up-and-coming Southpoint with a visit to Mrs Luu’s. Lunchtime banh mi’s are packed with mayo, pate, soy, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, and coriander with your choice of meat, tofu or omelette.

Dining at South Bank? Wok in the park.

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