The South Bank treasure hunt your kids will love

Father and Daughter South Bank Kids

For our kids, an outing isn’t just a trip on the train, or a walk to the café – it’s an adventure, full of discoveries, new experiences, and quests to save the world. With the venues and Parklands of South Bank to explore, this treasure hunt is perfect for any superhero, pirate, cowboy, or princess – good luck.

1. Run through the fountains at Aquativity
2. Do a somersault on the River Quay lawn
3. Chase the birds through the grass
4. Make sandcastles at Streets Beach
5. Create your own Cowch Naked Pop
6. Discover new heights on the Wheel of Brisbane
7. Conquer the skywalk at Riverside Green Playground
8. Play with the exhibits at GOMA
9. Pick a picture book from the State Library of Queensland
10. Climb the steps at South Bank Piazza
11. Ride your bike down the riverside path
12. Take a trip on the city cat
13. Watch a movie on the Cineplex big screen
14. Wander down the paths of the Epicurious Garden
15. Take a photo with the Brisbane sign
16. Slide down the playground slippery dip

Next up – the hunt for a superhero-sized lunch!

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