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What's on at Kids Collective - South Bank Parklands

There’s plenty to do at South Bank Parklands on any given day, but Thursdays are a must for kids aged up to five. That’s because Kids Collective, a series of free children’s activities, is on from 9am-1pm.

Activities change every week, so you can hone your child’s existing skills or teach them something new! They can paint a masterpiece, chase a soccer ball, learn to dance, unleash their super-hero powers and so much more.

Bookings are not required and classes are re-set at regular intervals, so you can come and go as you please. To plan your day, check out the details below. And if you have older kids in tow, make sure you visit Roma Street Parkland’s activities, held during the school holidays. Please note that due to seasonal events, Kids Collective is not on at South Bank or Roma Street Parkland during December and January.

Upcoming Activities:

4 July 

Nature Play & Storytime at Little Stanley Street Lawn North

Kids love to get their hands dirty, this Kids Collective workshop involves educational and fun sensory activities; from playdough rolling, a bug and vegetable matching game as well as leaf and bark painting.

As well, storytelling and reading with nature themed books will take place, run by BBC Libraries.

11 July

Fun with Puppets at Picnic Island Green

‘Larrikin Puppets’ are bringing their colourful and exciting 30-minute puppet show to South Bank, featuring zany Muppet-style characters performing songs, skits, jokes, games and live interactions with the audience. Children will have the opportunity to learn about different types of puppetry, co-puppeteer the characters, as well as meet-and-greet with the puppets and get some photos! The workshop element of this Kids Collective activity is suitable for children aged 5 and over. 

18 July

Musical Play at Flowstate

Kids will have the opportunity to create music, themed to the Australian bushland and fairies, in support of Queensland Music Festival’s children’s event The Little Green Road to Fairyland. More details – here.   

There will be a ticket giveaway from Queensland Music Festival for The Little Green Road to Fairyland and Music Beat will be giving away some free starter packs. 

25 July

Soccer Play at Rainforest Green

This instalment of Kids Collective will see children learning key soccer skills, burning energy and having fun!

1 August

Interactive Art Box at Little Stanley Street Lawn North

Get into the spirit of the EKKA! Hands on Art are back with their interactive art box, ready made with a clown chute to practice your aiming skills. You can also make your own colourful headband to take home.

8 August

Interactive Dance & Storytime at Flowstate

Dance Pointe return to teach children the basics of dance, while dressing up and having fun during contemporary dance activities. 
As well, BCC First 5 Forever will provide storytelling and dress ups, with fashion-based theme books and reading.

15 August

Running Races at Picnic Island Green

Kids will have loads of fun with various running races to awaken their competitive nature. All participants will receive a ribbon.

22 August

Get Creative: Boat Making at Rainforest Green

This instalment of Kids Collective is all about boats! Children will get creative while making their very own collage boat artwork or an egg carton boat to swim on the mighty seas.

29 August

Musical Play at Arbour View Lawn

Join the Circus! Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls, introducing the cheekiest monkey around! Juggle with clowns, balance on the tightrope, spin the hoops and perform the magic disappearing scarf act.

5 September

Interactive Play at Rainforest Green

12 September 

Petit Pointers Ballet at Arbour View Lawn

19 September 

Science Workshop: Mini Rockets at South Bank Piazza

26 September 

Get Creative: Super Scribes at Liana Lawn