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Where to get a smoothie at South Bank


As the weather warms up, throwing back a cool, refreshing smoothie or two becomes mighty tempting! Read on to find out where you can stock up on the fruity, refreshing, good stuff at South Bank.

Boost Juice
We’ll start with the obvious choice and with good reason – these guys specialise in all things smoothie. Flavours include passionfruit, blueberry, raspberry, banana and more and they’ve got lots of different sizing options.

Kiss the Berry
Brisbane’s acai specialist doesn’t just make bowls, it also concocts a range of delectable smoothies. Built on an acai base, flavours include choc mousse, acai and banana and a breakfast option.


Smoothies don’t have to be enjoyed alone – Italian restaurant Cucina offers several flavours that can be sipped alongside a salad, plate of pasta or lots of other dishes. 

Espresso Garage
This little-known hole-in-the-wall is one of South Bank’s hidden gems. Its smoothie philosophy is all about the classics, with flavours including mango, banana and blueberry.

Cold Rock Ice-Creamery
The Cold Rock crew are famous for their ice-cream, but did you know that they also make a mean smoothie? Their zesty creations are made from low-fat sorbet, fresh fruit and juice, and they are scrumptious. 

New Zealand Natural
Our final store is a well-known smoothie staple. New Zealand Natural blends up too many flavours to list, but we can tell you they’re all made from mouth-watering frozen yoghurt, ice-cream and sorbet.

For an extra dose of wellness, make sure you check out the Medibank Feel Good Program, a series of free outdoor fitness classes at South Bank

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