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Where to get vegan food at South Bank

Life can be tough out there for vegans – finding suitable food on a menu is easier said than done! But don’t stress, next time you’re at South Bank you can relax and enjoy one of these yummy items. 

Suki Tiny Tempeh Bowl


Nosh on the tiny tempeh bowl, consisting of tempeh, mango lime chilli sauce, spinach, bean sprouts, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, corn in a beautifully constructed salad bowl by Suki.

Viet de Lites 

The coconut pumpkin is as good as it sounds – it’s got baked pumpkin with coconut cream, crispy sweet potato, roast coconut and shallots.

Harajuku Gyoza

The Harajuku Gyoza team have got your covered with several vegan menu items – enjoy a feast of grilled vegetable gyoza, edamame, tempura eggplant and the original raindrop cake for dessert.


The alfresco cafe at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre offers both a vegan breakfast and a lunch/dinner option.

Enjoy toasted granola, with cocoa nibs, pepita seeds, fresh berries, coyo coconut yoghurt any morning of the week. Later in the day, tuck into Korean spiced crumbed cauliflower, coriander, and ask them to hold the jalapeno mayonnaise for a proper vegan experience. 

Tipplers Tap

These crafty peeps are embracing the vegan vibes with a gamut of meat and dairy free dishes, including the ability to switch a vegan sausage into the Maxwell Street Polish, Chicago Dog or Chili Dog; plus a vegan ‘beef’ of ‘chicken’ style patty replacement for burgers, and a vegan ‘mince’ for Taco Tuesdays. They even have vegan aioli and cheese! That’s commitment.

Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time now have 3 different vegan doughnuts for you to treat yourself to. The Get Ready to Crumble, the Liam Hemsworthy and the Fairy Godmother mean vegans can indulge in the artistic indulgence without forgoing flavor. 

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