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Your guide to a girl's night out

Girl's night out

Okay, so work’s been crazy, the power bill’s overdue, and your boyfriend/husband/oversized-man-child forgot to hang the washing out for the fourth day in a row. Stress levels are at an all time high, and please-give-me-wine levels have peaked even higher.

Here’s the saving grace: South Bank is about to open the door to your most fab girls’ night out ever. Gather the gang and keep on eye on this handy guide – ‘cause we know there’s always someone in the group who’s got one particular question on her mind.

The ‘where to?’ girl
Enemy to the ‘we’ll just wing it’ crowd, this gal has life all figured out. She’s organised, she’s timetabled, and she just wants to know what our plans are (and why the heck we didn’t make a reservation). Soothe her soul with session times to the South Bank Cineplex (romcom – check!), dinner at one of South Bank’s finest restaurants, or tickets to a QPAC show. 

The ‘what’s for dinner?’ girl
Hey, we’re all guilty of this one. For the friend that copped that wilting salad at lunch so she could feast her heart out with her dearest gal pals, do her a solid and over-order every tapas plate you can point at at Ole Spanish Restaurant. We figure you’re already into the sangria. For other wine-happy dining spots, head up to the rooftop Soleil Pool Bar or French-inspired La Lune just down Melbourne Street.

The ‘can we dance yet?’ girl

The clubbing days of your 20s are done, dusted, and mostly erased when it comes to photo evidence, but girls’ night is girls’ night – and there are only two rules: dance your heart out, and laugh ‘til you’re red in the face (possibly both at the same time, if you’ve got moves like ours). Bust your best routines out at Dandy’s Rooftop with their DJ tunes, or kick back with a few drinks and smooth jazz at Bourbon Street.

Remember: a girls’ night every now and then is good for the soul… or at least that’s what we tell each other over the third bottle of wine!

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