Your guide to an Easter chocolate trail at South Bank

It’s Easter time and that means chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. Did we mention chocolate!?  But what if you don’t want to wait until the Easter Bunny visits? Why not embark on your very own Easter journey here at South Bank? It’s time to over indulge and sample some amazing desserts that would outdo an Easter Egg any day.


Follow our below guide to decadent desserts and enchanting extravagances in your Easter voyage. 

Begin at: Cowch 

Where else to begin your culinary journey but the dessert cocktail bar that is Cowch? You will struggle to decide on just one selection, but our suggestion is the Nuts About Chocolate drink. It boasts chocolate Baileys, macadamia and chocolate liqueur, ganache and Coco Pops served with a milk chocolate and Coco Pops rim, topped with whipped cream, peanuts, M&M’s and chocolate fingers.  And so it begins…

Stop 2: Gelare

Stomach settle in, because things are starting to get serious.  The next stop on the agenda is the mouthwatering Belgian waffles from Gelare. These waffles come with some seriously flavoursome ice cream and toppings - our Easter suggestion? The mud pie, which features waffle, oreo cookies, cream and chocolate sauce! 

San Churro Ruby Chocolate Churros

Stop 3:  San Churro 

San Churro have an amazing new dessert tapas menu, where you can choose from numerous options and build your very own dream Easter dessert. Options include Spanish doughnut balls, filled churros and fondues; all with flavours that include salted caramel, cookie butter crunch and more. To top these desserts off, there are also fruit topping options like caramelized banana! So many choices, so much deliciousness.

Stop 4: Cactus Republic 

Have you ever heard of dessert nachos? If not, it’s high-time you head on over to Cactus Republic. The contrasting flavours of sweet and savoury are a delight, as is the crunchy texture. Drizzled with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate chips, strawberries, icing sugar and cinnamon, you’ll want to eat this meal at any time of day!

Max Brenner South Bank

Stop 5: Max Brenner

It’s only natural that you would visit the chocolate man himself today - Max Brenner and take in one of their famous exploding chocolate shots. It has ‘Easter’ written all over it with melted chocolate, popping candies and white chocolate drops. Warning: you will experience this unforgettable dessert with all of your senses!

Stop 6: Popolo 

Congratulations! You made to the final destination, Popolo Italian Kitchen and Bar. What better way to finish the evening of excessive, sweet cuisine that with a divine Italian dessert by the river? Their hand-made dessert, crema pasticcera al cioccolato, has chocolate, salted caramel and dark chocolate all rolled into one tasty custard. Bon appétit and happy Easter!

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