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Picnic spots at South Bank

South Bank has plenty of picturesque picnic areas and free barbecue facilities that are open all year round – take your pick and relax, escape and enjoy.

River Quay

Picnic spots 

No matter what your mood, you’ll find a picnic spot to suit it at South Bank. River Quay Green, Riverside Green and Picnic Island Green are the most popular.

As their names suggest, River Quay Green and Riverside Green also have stunning views of the Brisbane River and city skyline, while Riverside Green and Picnic Island Playground have free, state-of-the-art playgrounds for the kids to play on.

Liquor may be consumed* in the following public areas between the hours of 10am and 8pm on and from the following dates**:
 - Sunday 14 June 2020, River Quay Green 
 - Saturday 20 June 2020, Riverside Green and Picnic Island Green

Or if seclusion is your aim, take a trip to Rainforest Green or the Liana Lounge. Both are shrouded in tall, leafy trees and the Liana Lounge has the added benefit of a gorgeous art piece (inspired by Australia’s native liana vines) that doubles as seating.

Finally, there’s the Little Stanley Street Lawns. Located opposite South Bank’s bustling Little Stanley Street, the Lawns are an inviting green space dotted with leafy fig trees. They’re ideal for kicking back on with a book or picnic, and they also provide a scenic backdrop for many of South Bank’s signature events including the Young Designers Market. 

Riverside Green Picnic

Free barbeques

South Bank’s barbecue facilities are located at Picnic Island Green, Riverside Green and Aquativity and they are completely free to use. 

Unfortunately we don’t reserve barbecues for private use, so please make sure that you get in early to secure your spot on the hotplate. We also request that you move your food away from the barbecues as soon as you’re finished so that others can have their turn.  

Riverside Green Playground


South Bank has three free playgrounds – Riverside Green Playground, Picnic Island Green Playground and Aquativity, a water playground. For more information, head to our playgrounds page.


To locate all of the above spaces, check out the official South Bank map.

* please note that to consume alcohol at South Bank, you must be 18+ and you must have food to accompany your drinks.

** except during major events like Australia Day, which are alcohol-free for public safety reasons.