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Recreational activities at South Bank

South Bank’s fun and free recreational facilities are suited to people of all ages. The precinct is home to Brisbane’s iconic Streets Beach and Aquativity, as well as state of the art playgrounds, expansive lawn areas and stunning walking and cycling tracks.  

Picnics spots, barbeques and playgrounds

South Bank has plenty of picturesque picnic areas and free barbecue facilities that are open all year round. It also has two incredible playgrounds with state-of-the-art equipment and a water playground, which is perfect for summer!


Brisbane is known for its gorgeous warm weather, so it is only fitting that South Bank houses a few different pools. The Streets Beach main lagoon features an amazing sandy shore, the Boat Pool is great for those who like deeper water or require wheelchair access, and Aquativity is perfect for kids and families. And best of all, they are all free to use and are open all year round.

Walking and Cycling

South Bank is uniquely Queensland; from its sub-tropical climate to its flourishing and vibrant landscape, the space celebrates outdoor living at its best. One of the best ways to see the precinct’s natural beauty is by taking a stroll or going cycling.

Chairs to Share

Unfold, unwind, relax and watch the world go by on South Bank’s moveable chairs. Located at various grassy areas throughout the Parklands, the colourful sling back chairs are free to use and are perfect for a catch up with friends, a quick spot of coffee escapism or a work meeting. The chairs are available for use on weekdays so look out for them in your favourite spot.