South Bank is proud to be an accessible precinct for all visitors. We are continuously working to support Brisbane City Council’s vision of creating an accessible city for everyone by 2031. More details about how this is being done across the city can be found here. If you have any questions about access or facilities at South Bank, please contact the South Bank Visitor Information and Booking Centre on 07 3156 6366.


South Bank’s underground car park (located on Little Stanley Street) has several disabled parking bays, which are conveniently located near the car park lifts at the northern and southern ends of level B1. Head here for more details on the underground car park, including prices

Bathrooms and Showers

Standard disabled bathrooms are located at the South Bank Piazza and Stanley Street Plaza, while a specially designed disabled bathroom that includes a shower, ceiling hoist and a change table/shower trolley is located behind the Central Cafes. Please note that to use the ceiling hoist in this bathroom, you will need to bring your own sling with loop attachments. The key for the ceiling hoist can be collected from the South Bank Visitor Information and Booking Center, which is located in Stanley Street Plaza. Head here for a map of all bathroom facilities at South Bank.

Wheelchair and Stroller Hire

Wheelchairs and strollers are both available for hire from the South Bank Visitor Information and Booking Centre. As well as standard wheelchairs, we also have a purpose-built pool wheelchair and a purpose-built beach wheelchair available. Standard wheelchair and stroller hire fees are $7 for a half a day (up to four hours), $14 a full day (four hours and over, until 5:00pm) and $20 for overnight (up to 24 hours). The pool wheelchair and beach wheelchair are free to use and can be hired for a maximum of two hours only. When hiring all wheelchairs (including the pool and beach wheelchairs) you must present photo ID and leave a $50 deposit which will be refunded when you return the wheelchair. When hiring a stroller, you must present photo ID and leave a $20 deposit which will be refunded when you return the stroller. 

Dogs at South Bank

Dogs lovers are welcome to bring their furry friends to South Bank for some fresh air and sunshine – we recommend taking a leisurely walk along the river’s edge or spending an afternoon relaxing under a shady tree. If you are bringing your pet to South Bank, please make sure you adhere to the following rules:

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times;
  • Dogs are not permitted on the beach or in fountains, shower areas or waterways;
  • Dogs are not permitted in any eating areas within the Parklands; 
  • Dangerous dog breeds are not permitted in the Parklands; and
  • You must clean up all dog waste. Waste bags are provided free of charge from a dispenser located at the entrance to Stanley Street Plaza.