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Conditions of Entry

South Bank

Important note: In response to COVID-19, Queensland Health has advised of several directions in relation to home confinement, gatherings, business operations and more. Full details can be found at Queensland Health’s website. For a list of changes specific to South Bank Parklands, please visit our Health and Safety update page.

To ensure that all visitors have an enjoyable visit to the parkland, the following parkland conditions of entry apply:

  • The Parklands are open 5am to midnight each day. Out of hours access is restricted to business operators and approved contractors.
  • Conduct causing a public nuisance is not permitted and may result in exclusion. This includes being drunk or disorderly and creating a disturbance.
  • Children are to be supervised at all times. All visitors must comply with signage, security, life guards and parkland management.
  • Cyclists, rollerbladers, scooters and personal mobility devices (segways) must give way to pedestrians and limit speed to 10 km/h.
  • Skateboarding is restricted to the Promenade. No skateboarding activities to take place on parkland infrastructure (i.e. steps, benches, walls) or the Piazza building.
  • Pets to be on a leash at all times. No pets are permitted in pool areas.

The following activities are not permitted:

  • Littering and damaging property.
  • Consumption of alcohol outside of designated areas*.
  • Riding of cycles, rollerblades, scooters and personal mobility devices (segways) in the Arbour.
  • Fishing or swimming in the river, fountains and water features.
  • Spruiking, hawking, soliciting and distribution of leaflets.
  • Attaching items to parkland infrastructure or trees.
  • Religious or political activities.
  • Portable structures including tents, marquees and beach umbrellas.
  • Portable cooking devices or open fires or flames.
  • Feeding of wildlife.
  • Disposal of ice on lawns or garden areas.
  • Pegging/staking into lawns.
  • Cats or dogs not on a leash.
  • High risk activities. 
  • Camping or overnight sleeping.
  • Smoking within 10m of pool areas, playgrounds or dining areas**.

Use of beach, pools and water facilities:
  • No dogs in the pool areas, including the stream and beach – this includes assistance dogs.
  • No bomb diving, diving or jumping into the pools.
  • No eating or drinking in the pools.
  • Small domed shade structures only (nothing big enough for adults to stand inside of) - no pegs, no tying to structures or trees.
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times when swimming.
  • Infants/toddlers must wear nappies.
  • Comply with the directions of the lifeguards when asked to do so.
  • No throwing sand or rocks.
  • No metal detectors.

Dogs in the parklands:
  • Dogs must be on-leash and under effective control at all times. 
  • Please clean up after your animal. Pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste.
  • Always carry a bag or container for its droppings (it's a good idea to carry several bags or containers as you could be fined for not having another container or bag, even after your dog has done its business and you have disposed of it correctly).
  • Control your dog's barking.
  • Exercise due consideration for others, i.e. no anti-social loud behaviour and comply with all signage.

Authorisation is required for the following activities: 

  • Vehicle access outside the hours of 5am and 9:30am.
  • Conducting surveys.
  • Selling or promoting goods.
  • Filming or professional photography.
  • Flying of drones.
  • Busking.
  • Events and activations.
  • Peaceful assembly or procession.
  • All other animals being brought into the parklands.

Filming, photography and drones:
The use of drones in the parklands is strictly prohibited except with express written consent from South Bank Parklands management. For information on how to gain approval, visit our Filming and Photography page.

Activity may be recorded on CCTV.

* designated area is defined as Picnic Island Green and River Quay Green as per Section 173 (C) of the Liquor Act 1992. 

** refer to smoking legislation here.

For questions or more information, please contact our Visitor Information Centre at [email protected]