South Bank Parklands

We are firm believers in comfort and quality at South Bank, so we have equipped the precinct with everything that you need to enjoy your visit including showers, lockers and bicycle repair stations. 

Bathrooms and Showers
South Bank has a range of bathroom facilities conveniently located around the precinct. Showers are located in Stanley Street Plaza, and toilets are located at the South Bank Piazza, the Central Cafes, Stanley Street Plaza, Little Stanley Street and River Quay.

Parent’s Rooms
There are two Parent’s Rooms at South Bank. The main one is located in the Allgas Building in Stanley Street Plaza and contains a microwave and change table, and the other, which contains a change table, is located in Stanley Street Plaza, next to Cactus Republic. 

Locker Hire
Lockers are available for temporary hire in Stanley Street Plaza, near Streets Beach. Hire fees are $4 for three hours and $8 for six hours. Please note that these lockers are for short term use only. Overnight storage is not permitted. 

Lost Property
All lost property is returned to the South Bank Visitor Centre. If you have something you want to hand in, or are looking for a lost item, please contact the Visitor Centre on 07 3156 6366, email them at [email protected] or visit them at the ground level of South Bank House, Stanley Street Plaza (next to Max Brenner). 

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
If you need to get money out at South Bank, there is an ANZ ATM at Stanley Street Plaza, a Westpac ATM under the Southpoint building at the end of Grey Street, a Commonwealth Bank ATM on the corner of Grey and Glenelg Streets and a Bank of Queensland ATM next to Cowch on Grey Street.

Bicycle Racks and Repair Stations
South Bank’s bicycle racks are located at the Clem Jones Promenade, the Central Cafes, and Grey Street (outside the South Bank Cineplex). We also have two bicycle repair stations in the precinct which are free to use and are equipped with lots of nifty maintenance tools including screwdrivers and an air pump to help keep your bike in top shape. They are located on Little Stanley Street (near Garage Espresso), and on the Clem Jones Promenade (outside the River Lookout Cruise Terminal).