Filming and photography at South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands is one Brisbane’s best destinations for filming and photography. It’s also an incredibly busy precinct – to ensure a harmonious mix of visitors, events, filming and photography at all times, all those looking to film or take photos onsite must receive prior approval.

If you wish to conduct a photo or film shoot in the Parklands, please complete the below form. Please note that if you are from a news outlet or if you are looking to conduct wedding photography, you do not need to complete the form. News outlets should contact South Bank at Those looking for wedding photography should contact South Bank's Visitor Information and Booking Centre on [email protected] or 07 3156 6366.

Essential information

Timeframes, terms and guidelines
Please allow a minimum of 5 working days for your application to be processed. Please also make sure that you have read South Bank’s filming and photography terms and conditions (commercial or non-commercial), along with the commercial or non-commercial film and photo shoot guidelines, depending on the nature of your shoot.

If your shoot is of a commercial nature (e.g. printed promotions, advertising material or non-news programming), a location fee of $220.50 + GST is payable, once your permit has been issued. These funds go back into the ongoing maintenance and landscaping of the Parklands and allow us to keep our locations beautiful all year round. Please note that any extra costs (such as power or venue staff) may incur further fees.

Drone photography and filming in South Bank Parklands is only permitted by CASA licensed operators. A separate application process applies to shoots of this nature. Please complete the form below in the first instance, and indicate the use of drones in your description. Further documentation will be required.

Blackout periods

Please note that due to crowd numbers, shoots may not be approved during public holidays, school holidays or major events in the Parklands. It is recommended that wherever possible, you schedule your shoot outside of these times.

For further information
Please contact us at

Application form