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Filming and photography at South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands is one Brisbane’s most popular destinations for filming and photography. It’s also an incredibly busy precinct – to ensure a harmonious mix of visitors, events, filming and photography at all times, all those looking to film or take photos onsite must receive prior approval.

If you wish to conduct a photo or film shoot at South Bank Parklands please complete the below application form. Photo/ film applications for news outlets or wedding shoots are not required. Please see below for more information on media and wedding activity requests.

Please note that South Bank Parklands is undergoing significant transformation, with many exciting construction projects currently underway in the precinct. As a result a number of our precinct destinations and landmarks are unavailable for photography or film shoots, these include:

- Cultural Forecourt (The Brisbane Sign is currently available, however subject to change)
- Riverside Open Space 
- Rainforest 
- Riverside Green Playground 
- Streets Beach

For more information on works, projects and re-opening dates, please - click here.

When you visit South Bank Parklands, please make sure you observe the guidelines set out by Queensland Health, that includes practicing social distancing and good hygiene at all times.

Essential information

News crews and media

If you’d like to undertake a live cross, film a segment or take a photo for an article, please contact South Bank Parklands at [email protected] or phone: 07 3029 1700 - please note that the email address and phone number is monitored between 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday only - please note the email address and phone number are not monitored on weekends or public holidays.

Note that if you are a low impact news crew under 3 persons, you do not require prior approval on site. To be deemed low impact, you must be utilising minimal equipment. All crews must have station credentials visible, or be able to present these if requested by Parkland Security staff. Crews must use designated street parking or public loading zones, at their own arrangement.

Photography and filming activities

Unless you are a low impact news crew or undertaking a wedding shoot, approval is required from City Parklands for all film and photo shoots which use South Bank Parklands as a location. Please read commercial or non-commercial terms and conditions before submitting a complete application form below. 

**Please allow 10 business days for your application to be processed and note that applications made under this timeframe may not be processed.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or phone: 07 3029 1700, please note that the email address and phone number are monitored between 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday only - please note the email address and phone number are not monitored on weekends and public holidays.

Wedding, family portrait and personal photo shoots

Approval is not required for personal photo shoots or filming, including, for example, wedding photos, family portraits or private portrait sessions, however we advise that you check that there are no major events happening in the Parklands on the date you wish to be here. Please note that all photography at the Parklands is monitored by onsite security to ensure public safety. If you are conducting a non-commercial film or photo shoot, security may approach you to confirm your purpose onsite.

Those wishing to undertake wedding photography should contact South Bank's Visitor Information and Booking Centre on [email protected] or 07 3029 1797.

Drones and aerial photography

To ensure that we comply with air safety regulations, the use of drones in the Parklands is strictly prohibited without express written consent from the Communications Executive at City Parklands. Photography and filming in South Bank Parklands will only be approved for Civil Aviation Safety Authority licensed operators. Please complete the application form below indicating the use of drones in the description box. After submitting your application, the Communications Executive will be in contact with you to request the below documentation as part of the approvals process.

- UAV Operator’s certificate (UOC) 
- UAV Controller Certificate or ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate)
- Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)
- Public Liability Insurance ($20 million)
- Safe Work Method Statement 
- Risk Assessment
- VTOL location and flight path

The locations we offer for drone launches are River Quay Green, the Little Stanley Street Lawn and the Cultural Forecourt.

Please note that without the above documentation drone activity will not be approved. South Bank Parkland has a strict no fly policy for hobbyists.


Commercial photography and film shoots at South Bank Parklands attract site hire fees, payable once you have received approval.

Fee waivers or deductions are up to the sole discretion of the Communications Executive or City Parklands representative. 

These fees assist with the landscaping and additional horticulture work costs required to keep the Parklands pristine for the Brisbane Community all year round.

Please note that any extra costs (such as power or venue staff) may incur further fees, if you would like to utilise these facilities, please include this request in the description box on the application form.

All associated photography and filming fees must be paid prior to on-site activity.

Blackout periods

Please note that due to crowd numbers, shoots may not be approved during public holidays, school holidays, or major events in the Parklands. It is recommended that wherever possible, you schedule your shoot outside of these times. For more information on events occurring in the Parklands, please visit the Visit Brisbane website.


If you are looking to host a large scale event at the Parklands, or close off a public area for your exclusive use, you must contact the Events Team on 07 3156 6300. Please note that fees will apply in these cases.

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