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Eddie Gazani's Brisbane Top 5

Eddie Gazani

Songwriter, poet, singer and Brazilian classical guitarist Eddie Gazani took some time out with us to share his Top 5 favourite things about living in Brisbane. Originally from sunny Rio De Janeiro, Eddie brings the Latin grooves of his homeland to his solo work and band Yemanja.

South Bank

Eddie Gazani at South Bank
South Bank, I just love this place - I’m always there! This photo is after a beautiful concert I did with the incredible guitarist from Adelaide, monsieur Mike Bevan.   


This city, compared to so many others, is so green and full of trees everywhere! We live in an endless spring. Let’s keep it that way!  

Folhas Verdes (Green Leaves)

Forro' Night 

Dancing forro
Once a month, friends and I organise a night where we celebrate the culture of Brazil, with live music, drinks and dancing. It’s so much fun and everyone is welcome! For more info, hit up my Facebook page. 


Brisbane is very multicultural and a whole world of cuisine lies at your feet. Amazing restaurants from all over the world are ready to take you on an amazing gastronomical journey. I recently had an fantastic lunch at Ole, A Spanish restaurant in South Bank, check it out!  


Capoeira is a martial art developed in Brazil by African slaves. In the mid-1500s many Africans were brought to Brazil to be used as slaves by the Portuguese. Of course, slaves could not be allowed to practise martial arts, so they developed Capoeira, a martial art disguised as a dance. A beautiful way to get fit and make friends, try a class in West End’s Xango Capoeira Group.