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Tuxedo Kitten's Cat's Meow of Brisbane

Photo Credit: Ibis Music Photography

Photo Credit: Ibis Music Photography

Tuxedo Kitten offers a delightful feast of music, movement and colour, performing originals and beloved classics in English and French. The musical duo, made up of John Meyer and Miranda Frida, took some time out to share their favourite things about living in Brisbane.

Kitten Kapers Rescue Inc.

Tuxedo Kitten is a duo, a musical as well as a life partnership. We share our home with two adopted cats and we regularly spread the love among foster kittens in need of a loving sanctuary. We nurture and raise kittens to the point where they can be desexed, microchipped and find safe and loving new homes. This is done with under the guidance of Kitten Kapers Rescue Inc, a non-profit organisation that has rescued and re-homed hundreds of cats and kittens over the last year. We sing about cats, write songs about cats and our fur babies give us that extra energy needed to sustain the often draining life of an artist. Cats, cats, cats.

Lady Marlene's School of Arts

Brisbane is a city of many dance schools and this tops the list of the quirkiest. You can learn a range of performance skills including pole, aerials, burlesque, gothic striptease, hula hooping and drag king. For the last eight years, Bertie has collaborated with the school's headmistress Lena Marlene on countless performances and cabaret productions. She has also been known to teach occasional workshops in stagecraft and costume making.

New Globe Theatre

John's day job is being the booker at this surprising and eclectic venue in the heart of Fortitude Valley. It's a really unique place, a multi-arts space that hosts bands, theatre, poetry, film, comedy and everything in between. We've done a number of shows there, it's like a second home. What we really love about this place is there is no pretence, no attitude, just a supportive environment for all artists to do what they do.


We've just come back from our third trip to Japan where we've been researching and writing songs for an upcoming project based around the history of geisha. Of course we've also been enjoying the incredible culinary delights of Japan. Wagaya in the Valley is our go-to place for great Japanese food in Brisbane. Unlike a lot of Japanese restaurants in Australia, it's pretty cheap. And it's very much like places in Japan. The touch screen ordering system is a nice "touch" and the zen garden theme makes you feel like you're in downtown Tokyo.

Kat Frankies

To start with, this funky fashion retailer has a cat in the name, never mind how you spell it. Add to that all of the incredible collection of designs from around the world from moulded acrylic brooches from the USA to retro garments from Japan. Glittering vintage jewellery always puts a spring in your step and full, swooshy skirts sure give Bertie inspiration to get up and dance. You can browse to your heart's content online or make an appointment for their private showroom on the south side of town.

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