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Tyrone Noonan's solo career

Tyrone Noonan

He’s best known for his work with iconic nineties/noughties Brisbane band George, but Tyrone Noonan has been busy the past few years carving out his solo career overseas and at home. He recently took some time out with Scenestr to chat about his work, his take on the Australian music industry and more. 

Original article written by Matthew Sales via Scenestr 

It’s been a few years now since Tyrone Noonan started his solo career following on from his success in ARIA Award-winning band George.

After a few years of jet-setting to places like London and New York, Tyrone has finally made the move back to Brisbane.

“I’m based back in Brisbane now. My visa ran out in New York. I was working on a new music and film festival over there and the company that I was involved with were going to sponsor me to renew my visa. At the last minute they had a company restructure and decided that they didn’t want to be involved anymore. At that point it was like ok then, that’s it, I’m coming home.”

You might think that returning home to work in the Australian music industry would be an easy move for a musician with the credentials that Tyrone has, but the home-grown maestro experienced a bad case of reverse-culture shock.

“One thing about America – their culture is almost the opposite from ours from the ground up. We do have some similarities to America between Australian culture and some similarities to British culture and the main similarities between Australian and British culture is that our society is cynical and cynically based.

Tyrone Noonan

"Healthy cynicism is a good thing, but America is almost like the opposite. While they're starting to get a little bit cynical now I think, they're kind of a much more optimistically-based country. I have to be honest; my success here in this country received more respect for that success in America than over here. Having won an ARIA meant that I was able to do more with that information and that success in America than here in Australia.”

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