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Where to find the best burgers in Brisbane City

We’ve only got fries for The City. 

That’s right, we’re calling it. Brisbane’s CBD is the ultimate burger precinct. Sure, we’re not “formally qualified” to hand out Michelin stars but we are a team of emotional eaters and bacon enthusiasts and we unanimously voted to taste-test every burger in walking distance.

Consider us the burger barons of Brisbane and eat your way through this fresh list of the best burgers in The City.

Red Hook, Creek St

Red Hook

Brisbane locals cannot stop raving about this New York-inspired laneway gem. It can be a little difficult to find but when you do, it’s definitely worth it. Chomp into the popular Shaolin Soul with crumbed chicken, miso mayo and char sui sauce on a black brioche bun or the Uptown Funk with your choice of beef or crumbed chicken, gorgonzola sauce, caramelised onions, bacon and buffalo ketchup. Vegans aren’t left out with the RZA burger featuring vEEF (a veggie patty), cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cashew ranch dressing and onion jam on a vegan bun. Bring a friend (or a date) on Thursday nights and you’ll get two burgers and two fries for $30.

Miel Container, William St

Miel Container

Don’t judge a burger by its location as Miel Container is producing the best burgers in town from inside a red shipping container. Choose one of the predesigned burgers (The Korean BBQ Bulgogi Burger is a crowd pleaser) or create your own masterpiece from a list of ingredients.  

Chur Burger Express, Eagle St

Chur Burger

Baby, you’re bacon my heart with this burger. The Chur Beast is certainly not for the faint-hearted with double beef, double bacon and double cheese but it’s definitely a standout on the menu (did we mention double bacon?). If you’re not ready for a burger of this size, then the pulled pork burger is your next go-to. For the ultimate combo, order a side of chilli salt fries and wash it all down with a milkshake.

51st Street, George St

If you want a no-fuss burger, then head to 51st Street to indulge in some New York-inspired classics. Grass fed beef, free range chicken, portobello mushroom and pork belly burgers are on the menu, just waiting for a grumbling tummy to devour them. Add a side of onion rings and slaw for a true American experience.

Santa Monica Burger Bar, Ann St


Can they live up to the Cali name? The extensive menu certainly does with classic cheeseburgers, a Chilli Cheese Burger for spice fanatics and the signature Santa Monica Burger with pineapple (controversial but it definitely works in this case) and bacon bits. You get fries with that, so you don’t have to worry about your S.O stealing your chips.

Master Tom’s , Albert St

Master Tom's Burgers

Fries before guys? Usually it’s a given but we make an exception for Tom. The breezy, coastal decor screams superfood bar but the burgers sure don’t. Stop in early for the Man Bun (or as we call it, the loaded breakfast burger), or head in for lunch and enjoy the The MT Burger with the lot. Add tap beer or a shake to start the weekend early.

Collective Kitchen, Ann St

Collective Kitchen, Ann St

This relaxed eatery opposite Cathedral Square is a great spot for a working lunch. There are four burgers on the menu at Collective Kitchen including wagyu beef, buttermilk fried chicken, smokey bbq pulled pork and grilled haloumi. Add a side of chips or caesar for $4.

MoMo Chicken, Elizabeth St

If you’re looking for a chicken burger, then head to a place specifically recognised for its fried chicken. Only one burger on the menu means that you’ll always get the best one. Order without fear of menu envy! Just choose your style of chicken and away you go.

Buffalo Bar, Mary St

Buffalo Bar burger and fries

This joint’s calling card may be buffalo wings, but when the burgers are this good, Buffalo Bar should get a mention. Here you’ll find the Lionel Sternberger (beef, bacon, pickles, cheese, mustard and ketchup), the Texan (beef brisket, pickles, red onion, lettuce and ranch) and the Big Bird (buffalo fried chicken, red onion, lettuce and ranch). There’s also a veggie burger with jalapeno mayo that even the most ardent carnivore will want to order.

The Cutting Board, George St

Show support for your home town and grab the Brisbane Burger from The Cutting Board. Perfect for that mid-week lunch rush, you can have a side of fries or opt for one of the freshly made cabinet salads (lol). For thrill seekers, the specials board features wacky burger designs, often supporting upcoming sports games. Or get in early and enjoy a breakfast burger until 11am.

Betty’s Burgers, Albert St

Betty's Burger burger and fries

This popular burger shack delivers some of the best burgers in The City. There are over 10 mouth-watering options at Betty’s, ranging from the Brunch Burger with bacon, egg and cheese, to the Noosa Classic Surf with Angus beef, prawns, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese. And we don’t quite know what Betty puts in her special sauce, but try it with onion rings and you won't be disappointed.

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