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City Sound Bites

Bop your head and shake those hips to the beating soul and rhythm of Brisbane with City Sound Bites!

The City Sounds program has transformed into a digital pocket album, showcasing sweet snippets of Brisbane’s local music scene online.

Spice up your playlist by grooving to the City’s favourite City Sound musicians via Instagram for bite-sized performances of live music, from the comfort of your own home, morning stroll or weekend picnic. 

You can discover the talented musicians (listed below) who will be featuring on City Sounds Bites in genres from alternative to folk, jazz to electro and everything in-between.

Share your at-home moments with us via #citysoundbites #mybrisbane when you tune in! 

Hailey Calvert

Blues and folk singer-songwriter Hailey Calvert has been performing with City Sounds for years. “Being able to perform right in the middle of the city is what I love! It’s a great way to get heard by lots of different types of people; especially those who wouldn’t necessarily go out to an evening gig,” she says. Some of her favourite Brisbane musicians include Pat Tierney, Bree Bullock, Lovegrove and The Lyrical. Listen to her charismatic performances for City Sound Bites here.

Christian Patey 

Since 2017, Christian Patey has been performing his effortlessly cool tunes with City Sounds. His style is a combination of electronic, chill and pop, transporting you to memories of breezy road trips and picnics by the river. In fact, relaxing by the Brisbane River is one of his favourite ways to enjoy our city’s beautiful atmosphere. Sit back and relax with his latest performance of “Is This Real” and “Critics” here.

Hayley Wilson

Country music star Hayley Wilson has been mastering her vocal talents since the age of 11, earning her a finalist position in the 2018 Toyota Star Maker at Tamworth Country Musical Festival.  You can listen to her sweet City Sound Bite performance of “Little By Little” here. Plus, her very cute doggo, Cody, has a guest appearance!

Flavio Correa

Flavio Correa has been performing with City Sounds for the past two years, sharing his joyous love of Brazilian music with Brisbane. What he loves most about Brisbane is the people: “They give me the opportunity to continue following my dream. Music is my weapon, where I bring happiness and peace for them all.” You can listen to his mix of smooth jazz guitar and Latin grooves here – they’ll be sure to brighten your day.

Camaron De La Vega 

Camaron De La Vega is another beloved City Sounds musician, first performing on the Main Stage in 2011. “I love to perform in the City and interact with city-goers by sharing some musical spontaneity as they go about their day,” Camaron says.  For his lively compositions that transport us to dreams of sunny days and alfresco lunches, listen to his flamenco- and jazz-infused guitar compositions here.


Susanna O’Leary, aka Zannah, is a contemporary pop-rock artist who loves exploring world music via Irish, Persian, Scandinavian and flamenco traditions. Her love for international influences extends to cuisine – her favourite city restaurant is New Shanghai in QueensPlaza. We agree – the juicy dumplings are heavenly! Tune in to her debut online performance with City Sound Bites on 16 May, 2020.

Cachicamo Latin Harp Family 

The talented Cachicamo Latin Harp Family began their City Sounds performances last year. Elkin, Sandra and their children, Thomas and Isabella, perform a cheerful fusion of world folk and contemporary music, and their ideal Sunday is spent relaxing outdoors in Brisbane City for a cultural gathering, filled with music, family and friends. 

The Beamish Brothers

Ben and Jeremy Beamish are Brisbane’s boys next-door, performing indie-pop with love harmonies and organic elements. The duo first performed with City Sounds in 2017 and will release their lastest single, “Nature”, on 29 May, 2020. When they’re not composing music, the brothers are relaxing at local cafes such as Gramps in Paddington or anywhere with a tasty bagel. 

This New Light 

Indie-folk musician Samuel Ayling ,aka This New Light, is another new musician to join the City Sounds family, first performing last year. “As a performer, it’s really rewarding seeing such a raw experience of people reacting to your music for the very first time,” he shares. He adores performing outdoors across different city areas, such as Queen Street, Eagle Street Pier, Fortitude Valley and Anzac Square. Tune into City Sound Bites in June, to listen to his charming folk songs.