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Eden's Story

Tired after a busy day playing with his trucks and dinosaurs, mum Sarah popped 18-month-old Eden down for his afternoon nap.

When Eden woke up, he suddenly couldn’t walk. Worried when there was no improvement and her usually cheeky, happy little toddler was crying in pain, Sarah took Eden to the GP.

Tragically tests revealed Eden had leukaemia and he was rushed to the Children’s Hospital.

The shock left Sarah and dad Stephen shattered.

“It felt like the world was closing in and I couldn’t escape,” Sarah says.

Eden spent the next two months in hospital full-time. It was heartbreaking being away from his big sister Charlotte and dad back home.

Eden’s treatment left him exhausted, in pain and often too unwell to leave his bed.

“Eden is usually so active. It was really hard to see him stuck in hospital for weeks on end, constantly being poked and prodded,” mum said.

Thankfully when the family visited Eden in hospital, they had the Starlight Express Room. Sarah said it helped make the visits much easier having a place where they could take a break.

“Starlight helps bring a bit of fun and happiness into kids’ lives and picks them up when they really need it.”

After dealing with so much pain and sadness, the family received the exciting news that Eden had been granted his Starlight Wish.

For his wish, Eden wanted to meet all his local emergency services heroes and see inside a real fire engine, ambulance and police car.

Sarah said in the lead up to his wish, Eden was so excited and couldn’t wait to try out all the sirens!

When his big day arrived, Eden couldn’t believe his eyes. His local park was filled with police cars, motorbikes, ambulance vehicles, fire trucks and even a cherry picker. Eden loved meeting all his heroes, sitting in the cars, playing with the flashing lights and chatting on the walkie-talkies.

Eden 720 x 400

While there was so much action on the ground, a special surprise was flying in the sky. The Westpac Rescue helicopter landed in the park to help make Eden’s day!

His mum and dad said the memories from Eden’s wish will stay with them forever.

“Eden’s Starlight Wish has helped turn a really sad situation around. We will always look back on this day and remember how happy he was. A massive thanks to Starlight supporters and to everyone who helped make this happen for us,” Sarah said.