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Galleries and museums for kids in Brisbane City

Our concrete jungle has a surprising amount of awesome things to do for families. Between the skyscrapers and suits there are huge parklands, hidden street art, galleries, museums and events perfect for children or teenagers. Go one layer deeper to discover a city full of surprises to excite and educate kids of all ages. Here are the galleries and museums in Brisbane CBD that are perfect for family fun. 

Explore QUT & Botanic Gardens

It would be easy to lose a day wandering the galleries, museums and gardens around the QUT Gardens Point campus. From workshops to exhibitions, and picnics to politics – plan a day in this pocket of knowledge.

QUT Art Museum

Explore more than 2000 pieces of art throughout this museum, one of the largest collections in Queensland. For children and especially teenagers, the gallery runs a series of workshops to coincide with exhibitions allowing families to get hands on and creative. 

William Robinson Gallery

Nearby the QUT Art Museum and situated in Old Government House, this gallery holds the largest collection of William Robinson artworks in the world. 

The Cube 

The Cube at QUT

One of the world's largest digital interactive spaces, The Cube is a two-storey-high inspiring, explorative and participatory experience of QUT's Science and Engineering research. More than 40 multi-touch screens and 14 high-definition projectors bring this hands-on experience to life.

Parliament House

Explore Queensland's history, as shaped by the governments and laws that have been made in our Parliament. A free half-hour tour is on offer to marvel at the house and its antiques or watch parliament in session from the visitor’s gallery.

New perspectives on Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane

Do you really know Brisbane? The super cool Museum of Brisbane examines how our city and its people continue to change with a mix of art and museum-style exhibitions, workshops and talks. Discussion about the city and its communities is always on the agenda – and there are awesome kids activities on offer! You can also book a free tour up the City Hall clock tower

Metro Arts

Metro Arts

Inspire a budding artist by popping into this five-storey arts hub. The heritage building is filled with contemporary art, a cinema, artist studios and more. Afterwards you can enjoy a coffee at the onsite café.

Street art crawl

The gallery is the streets – you just have to look! Often street art is hidden and down low - so challenge your little people to spot the world of street art hidden within Brisbane City. 

Burnett Lane

Take a stroll along Burnett Lane and keep your eyes peeled. There’s plenty of large scale murals, plus harder to spot tiny pieces like the mini red “fairy door” at 45a Burnett Lane by Mace Robertson or the signature bright blue perspex cut-outs by Blu Art Xinja.

Traffic Signal Boxes

Brisbane’s boring traffic boxes have been getting art makeovers thanks to an initiative by Brisbane City Council. Keep an eye for the ones by Cate Storey and David Fisher featuring our beloved Ibis or “bin chicken” taking over Brisbane. 

History lessons

MacArthur Museum

MacArthur Museum

Visit the office of General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during World War II, and sit at the desk where strategies were developed to win the war. Kids can also experience life in Brisbane during the dark days of the war when people feared that the city might be invaded, public air raid shelters lined the streets and children wore identity discs.

Queensland Police Museum

Do you have a budding police officer for a son or daughter? They could try their hand at solving a crime with the simulated murder scene – who knows, maybe your kids could be Queensland’s next best detective?  

Army Museum South Queensland

Used as a base in World War I and headquarters in World War II, these barracks are now run by the Australian Army as a memorial for the military. This military heritage museum houses weapons, medals and uniforms used and earned in war between 1899 and 1972, by Australian, allied and enemy forces.

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