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Brisbane City cafes that offer KeepCup discounts

Oh coffee. How we love thee. If you’re anything like us, your morning coffee is non-negotiable. Our favourite people, aka baristas, in Brisbane City have long been providing discounts on coffee when you bring in a KeepCup. We have wrapped up some of our favourite coffee spots that offer these life-changing discounts. Now you can save money (and the environment!) while enjoying your delicious coffee. #winning.

Ricochet Espresso

Using Blackstar beans from the popular West End roaster, Ricochet’s hole-in-the-wall cafe is the perfect combination of quick coffee, great staff and a good vibe.

Ricochet Espresso offers a 20c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Edward Specialty Coffee

This specialty coffee nook is what the city’s bean waiting for. Tart, smooth, blackberry notes … you might think we’re talking wine, but Edward Specialty Coffee is brewing complex and unique espresso. Find White Horse Coffee and four origin varietals on rotation in a sophisticated, minimalist space.  

Edward Specialty Coffee offers a 50c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Noosa Chocolate Factory

The Dark Chocolatier Hot Chocolates

You may know Noosa Chocolate Factory for its delicious, handmade, local chocolate. As well as being a sweet tooth's paradise, Noosa Chocolate Factory on Adelaide St serves up delicious Scout's Honour coffees and hot chocolates. 

Noosa Chocolate Factory offers a 50c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Vintaged Bar + Grill

Vintaged Bar + Grill is tucked away on level six of the Hilton. Not only does Vintaged Bar + Grill offer home-style inspired a la carte dishes or a plentiful buffet, but it also serves Vittoria Coffee freshly brewed every day. 
Vintaged Bar + Grill offers a $1 discount when you present your KeepCup.

John Mills Himself

Housed in the heritage-listed John Mills Building, you can access this hidden gem via the laneway on Elizabeth St. The 'multi-roaster' cafe chooses to support and work with a rotation of local roasters, and currently serves coffee from Mecca, Small Batch, Sample and Wood & Co. Coffee Roasters.

John Mills Himself offers a 20c discount when you present your KeepCup and 50c discount if you bring in their branded 'bunker' KeepCup.

Botero House 

Botero House takes the honest and fun country roots of the roastery and blends it with Brisbane’s urban landscape to create a unique feel. The cafe serves several blends of boutique coffee by Botero.

Botero House offers a 20c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Nodo Donuts

Nodo - Coffee

On the corner of Elizabeth Street and Creek Street you'll find Nodo Donuts serving up house blend coffee by local roaster Coffee Supreme. Order your brew and browse the trays of guilt-free donuts – there's a reason people travel far and wide to try them. Coffee and a donut? We're sold.

Nodo Donuts offers a 50c discount when you present your KeepCup. 

Chocolate Solider

Chocolate Soldier serves Allpress specialty coffee alongside an assortment of daily baked goods, cakes and handmade chocolates. 

Chocolate Solider offers a 50c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Coffee Anthology

Coffee Anthology Photo Credit: @basketballfreak6

Coffee Anthology is a coffee aficionado’s nirvana on Margaret St. You’ll regularly find blends and single origins from some of Australia's top roasters including Dukes Coffee Roasters, Uncle Joe’s Seven Seeds, Proud Mary, The Maling Room and Axil Coffee Roasters. 

Coffee Anthology offers a free upgrade when you present your KeepCup. In other words, you're charged one size down.

Merlo Coffee George Street & Merlo Coffee Queen Street

Merlo Coffee began more than 25 years ago with a simple philosophy, freshly roasted coffee served by people who are passionate about coffee. Both the George St and Queen St stores offer a KeepCup discount. 

Merlo Coffee Queen St and George St offer a 50c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Sparrow Coffee Co

Sparrow Coffee Co originally started in Banglow and Byron Bay, making the move to Adelaide St in Brisbane’s CBD in 2014. This little cafe is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane’s inner city, serving delicious Allpress Coffee and fresh Chouquette New Farm bread. 
Sparrow Coffee Co offers a 25c discount when you present your KeepCup.

Coffee Iconic

Coffee Iconic photo of coffee cups

Serving its delicious house blend in a hideaway cafe, Coffee Iconic’s coffee, breakfast and vibe is the perfect brew. The secret garden is your inner-city oasis – take some time to enjoy your caffeine hit in the quiet, leafy courtyard. 

Coffee Iconic offers 50c off when you present your KeepCup. It also applies a stamp card with the 10th coffee free when using your KeepCup.

Cartel Coffee

Cartel Coffee has locally owned and operated outdoor espresso bars in three locations throughout Brisbane’s CBD (102 Adelaide St, 63 George St, and 82 Ann St). Cartel Coffee brews 100 per cent fair trade and RFA Arabica single origins. 

Cartel Coffee offers 50c off when you present your KeepCup. It also sells its own branded medium reusable cups for $15, which includes your first fill.



As the name suggests, Brew does a mean brew of both the caffeinated and alcoholic kind. Wander down Burnett Lane and find this whole-in-the-wall cafe & bar, which starts pouring from 7am for the earlybirds.

Brew offers a 10 per cent discount when you present your KeepCup.

By Brittany Mohr

Brittany’s ultimate weekend involves wine (rosé) and cheese (manchego) at La Lune, seeing a live show and going for a wander along the Brisbane River. Passionate about the leafy Western suburbs, she’s a lady of fine tastes so naturally her best kept secret is #treatingyo'self to a session at luxe day spa One Wybelenna. Bliss.

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