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Best Korean food in Brisbane City

If a little Seoul food is what you’re after, The City reigns supreme as the hub of Korean dining in Brisbane. From crispy and juicy Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), to all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet feasts, grab a pair of chopsticks and chow your way through these Korean restaurants in Brisbane City.

Bull Bar Restaurant, Elizabeth St

Bull Bar

Got a craving for some late night Korean goodness? Bull Bar serves up all your authentic Korean favourites like bibimbap, fried chicken and hotpot, as well as more interesting combinations (Kimchi fried rice with melted cheese, anyone?). With its graffitied walls, this underground eatery is a real vibe. This place opens til late, making it a great spot to go after 10pm.

Hanwoori, Mary St


Self-proclaimed “Brisbane’s Best Korean BBQ Restaurant”, Hanwoori on Mary St certainly delivers its promise on the grill. There is an extensive all-you-can-eat dinner buffet menu featuring all your favourite meats and seafood – think beef short ribs, pork belly and baby octopus – as well as six kinds of fried chicken, a loaded salad bar and plenty of sides and sauces.

Chi Mc, Creek St

Chi Mc
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Chi Mc is a fast-food finger-licking favourite, serving up crispy fried boneless chicken, succulent wings and salty potato crisps alongside buckets of beer and soju. There’s a great value lunch special for $19.90 which gets you a big serving of fried chicken and beer, as well as $1 wings on Wednesdays. This place also splits bills, making it great for sharing large portions of fried chicken with your mates.

Korilla BBQ Restaurant, Queen St


If you haven’t yet been to Korilla, you’ve probably walked by without knowing it was there. This place serves up Japanese-Korean fusion right in the heart of Brisbane City, including mouthwatering wagyu beef sets for two, bibimbap bowls, seafood pancakes and more. Korilla has a nice ambience with plenty of seating space and is perfect for large groups – but be prepared to wait for a table in the evenings because this place does get busy. To find it, just look for the long staircase towards the Casino end of Queen St.

Madtongsan II, Elizabeth St

Madtongsan II, Brisbane City

Madtongsan on Elizabeth St is a popular Korean eatery that serves up a range of affordable, authentic dishes including colourful bibimbap bowls, beef stews, rice dishes and stone hot pots. Meals come with complimentary banchan (Korean side dishes) including kimchi, sticky sweet potato and creamy pasta salad. A limited selection of barbecue is also available.

Maru Korean Fine Cuisine, Elizabeth St


From hearty soups to spicy dishes and melt-in-your-mouth barbecue, Maru caters to every Korean craving. Each table has an in-built tabletop barbecue so you can grill food yourself and salivate as you wait for the meat to cook to perfection. We recommend you try the deep-fried chicken with a bottle of Hite Korean beer in hand. Delicious!

Warawara Izakaya, Elizabeth St

Located on Elizabeth St, Warawara Izakaya is a Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant, serving up authentic dishes in an elegant and cosy atmosphere. Get a group of friends together and sit in the wooden booths for some late-night gyoza and fried chicken, with the restaurant closing at 2.30am Monday to Sunday.

Funny Funny Korean Restaurant & Pub, Burnett Lane

Funny Funny

Photo from Trip Advisor user TzuChen C

Tucked away in Burnett Lane lies this small Korean eatery, serving up cheap Korean eats in an upbeat setting. Order some soju and choose from a range of Korean street food snacks, savoury pancakes, noodle dishes, rice sets, fried chicken, barbecue and more. If you’re with a large group of friends go for the set menu and try a bit of everything (with unlimited hot chips, if you fancy).

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