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Best Korean food in Brisbane City

From crispy and juicy Korean Fried Chicken (K-FC), red slabs of melt-in-your-mouth beef hissing atop hot coals, to vegetables and meat served in a piping hot stone bowl that will keep sizzling till meals’ end, when it comes to Seoul food, Brisbane City reigns supreme as the hub of Korean dining in Brisbane.

Grab those scissors, metal chopsticks and chow down at these Korean restaurants in Brisbane City.

Chi Mc, Creek St

Chi Mc serves up classic Korean-FC, a fast-food finger licking favourite. The $19 lunch special for half a chicken and a drink is a great value if you have a big appetite and a craving for chicken that's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. 

Hanwoori, Mary St

If you’ve got a craving for barbecue, get your DIY grill on at Hanwoori. There is an array of marinated meats and seafood including favourites like beef belly, brisket and baby octopus PLUS a loaded salad bar, plenty of sides and sauces.

The best bit? Hanwoori is a buffet. That's right. All-you-can-eat barbecued goodness.

The Journey Korean Kitchen, Charlotte St

The Journey Korean

The Journey is distinctly Korean – sit in the spacious room with bright TV screens playing K-pop, a whole wall dedicated to Soju, and lush, fake greenery surrounding you. The extensive menu features a wide range of dishes, from bibimbap to DIY barbecue. Enjoy your meal with a limitless supply of house kimchi. Bonus: The Journey is known to have one of the most affordable soju prices in town. 

Korilla, Charlotte St

Korilla serves Japanese-Korean fusion cuisine in the heart of Brisbane City. It has a beautiful clean and open atmosphere with plenty of seating space, perfect for large groups. The lunch menu is a steal of a deal for a wide selection of largely portioned bento boxes and bibimbap bowls for ($13-$16) accompanied with side dishes. Try an ice-cream cocktail on your next visit! 

Madtongsan II, Elizabeth St

Madtongsan II, Brisbane City

Madtongsan on Elizabeth St features a selection of authentic famous soups, stir-fries or hot-pots with complimentary banchan (Korean side dishes) of kimchi, sticky sweet potato and creamy pasta salad. You may have to wait for a table in the evenings, but it's definitely worth it.

Maru, Elizabeth St 

Maru BBQ

From hearty soups to spicy dishes and melt-in-your-mouth barbecue, Maru caters to every Korean craving. Each table has an inbuilt tabletop barbecue for you to grill yourself while you salivate waiting for the meat to cook to perfection. We recommend you try the deep-fried chicken with a bottle of Hite Korean beer in hand. Delicious!

Noritor, George St

Noritor serves authentic Korean and Asian fusion cuisine in a modern setting. With a name that translates to "playground", immerse yourself in the sensory pleasures of the extensive menu. Indulge in the unique combinations of textures and temperatures with delectable spicy and salty flavours. The modern and relaxed interior was designed by Brisbane architect Christina Na-Heon Cho, fusing brick and concrete with accents of wood to create a stylish space. Pop in for a delightful lunch with the signature bimbimbab, or a long dinner shared with friends until the late hours.

Warawara Izakaya, Elizabeth St

WaraWara Korean

Located on Elizabeth St, Warawara Izakaya is a Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant, serving up authentic dishes in an elegant and cosy atmosphere. Get a group of friends together and sit in the wooden booths for some late-night gyoza and fried chicken, with the restaurant closing at 2.30am Monday – Sunday.

Other Korean hot spots around Brisbane

Chingu, Fortitude Valley

Found at the heart of Brisbane's nightlife district, Chingu is one of the quirkiest eateries serving up fresh cuts of meat and seafood for the all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue experience sizzled to perfection right at the table. The coriander marinated calamari is a must-try for the sea foodies! 

Seoul Bistro, Sunny Bank

Seoul Bistro

Seoul Bistro is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant known for their Korean fried chicken. If you're on a mission to feed a starving group of people with an appetite for chicken, check out the Seoul Bistro's chicken buffet. Try all the flavours your heart desires like honey wasabi, peri peri, and honey soy with a glass of delicious house-brewed iced tea at the best value.

Sunny Seoul, Sunnybank

Sunny Seoul serves buffet style Korean barbecue and hot pot in Brisbane's little Asia district. The setting here is cosy and humble, but don't underestimate the quiality of the food here as it is a highly recommended Korean dining experience. If you're a kimchi addict, there's two different kinds available along with plenty of side dishes to make sure you leave with a happy, full belly. 

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