Pony Dining's WA Marron Recipe

Sea to the City - Brisbane's Bug & Oyster Trail is on Sunday the 7th of October. The alfresco food trail showcases fresh seafood, particularly bugs and oysters, against the spectacular backdrop of the Brisbane River. 

Along with hosting a pop-up venue on Eagle Street Pier and offering exclusive restaurant specials on the day, Pony Dining are sharing their delicious WA Grilled Marron recipe.


1 Western Australian marron (you can use bugs or lobsters)

40g butter

40g smoked butter 

15ml lemon juice

A handful of sea herbs (we use Karkalla, Sea Blite & Samphire)

3 – 4 thin slices of cured pork fat

Olive oil 

Smoked salt 

Chilli powder


1. Season the marron with olive oil and salt. Place meat side on the grill for a minute and grill on shell side until it turns bright red.

2. Melt butter in a saucepan until caramelised. Add in lemon juice, smoked butter and stir until emulsified. Turn off heat. Toss sea herbs in butter sauce to warm them through. Drizzle sauce and herbs over the meat of the cooked marron.

3. Place the sliced cured pork fat between 2 sheets of baking paper. Warm in oven until translucent. Serve with marron.

4. Season lightly with smoked salt and chilli powder.

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