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Soup in the City

If you are looking for a hot bowl of soup on a cold, brisk winter’s day, these eateries in Brisbane City are serving up bowls of comfort guaranteed to warm you to the bone. Whether you want a steaming bowl of thin noodles or a hearty traditional soup, these CBD restaurants will have you coming back pho-ever.

Fat Noodle

Treasury Casino Building (Level 1 George Street corner) Queen Street, Brisbane City

Udon know noodles till you’ve eaten Luke Nguyen’s legendary 20-hour Fat Pho Noodles. The Vietnamese celebrity chef and restaurateur is reanimating traditional family recipes with his Asian-fusion dining hall, tucked away in the corner of the heritage-listed Treasury Casino. Lose yourself in a bowl of hot, perfumed beef broth on a cold day.

AJ Vietnamese Noodle House

70 Charlotte St, Brisbane City

AJ Vietnamese Noodle House offers excellent, cheap and authentic Vietnamese delights. This casual eatery's menu features hearty and comforting broths, such as pho, and handmade noodles served with spicy accompaniments including stir-fried pork and beef.

Extract Espresso Bar

200 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City

Located in the heritage strip on Brisbane City's Adelaide Street, Extract Espresso Bar is a unique narrow space featuring art deco floor tiles, high ceilings and classic sandstone walls. Cozy up in the back corner and sip on classic soups like pumpkin or minestrone to warm you up.

Felix Espresso & Winebar

50 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City

Nestled next to Super Whatnot in Burnett Lane, Felix Espresso and Wine Bar serves up a wholesome menu using fresh local ingredients. Venture inside this quaint, light-filled space to warm up with a bowl of Thai pumpkin with coconut cream and tofu croutons, using organic. Flavours change daily.

Little Saigon Grill

123 Albert Street, Brisbane City

Little Saigon Grill in Brisbane City serves delicious traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soup bursting with flavour. This healthy and tasty noodle soup with beef slices comes with an abundance of fresh-cut herbs such as Vietnamese coriander, mint and chilli, topped off with the quintessential ingredient of fish sauce.

George's Paragon Seafood Restaurant Brisbane

1/10 Eagle St, Brisbane City

Not only is the seafood chowder on the half price menu, but it comes with a breathtaking view. The seafood chowder or cream seafood velouté is scrumptious, rich and creamy. A velouté sauce is one of the five mother sauces of French cuisine, along with hollandaise, tomato, espagnole and béchamel. So you know you’re in good company. The French word velouté literally translates to velvety. Accurately named, George. 

Men Ya Go

123 Albert Street, Brisbane City

Men Ya Go - Photo Credit: @AteToooMuch
Photo Credit: @atetooomuch

Nestled in the laneway off Albert Street, Men Ya Go serves up authentic Japanese soul food. Dine in the laneway or for a more intimate setting, inside the restaurant and slurp on a range of delicious ramen flavours like Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso, Shio (seafood and chicken combination) and Tonkotsu made by slow-cooking pork bones for hours to create a rich and creamy soup. You can also choose the option to have extra noodles free with every bowl.

Spring Hill Deli & Café

2/537 Boundary Street, Brisbane City

Spring Hill Deli & Cafe

Located in the heart of Spring Hill's business district, Spring Hill Deli is transforming upper Boundary Street into a hip little neighbourhood. This family-run deli and cafe offers delicious local deli items and delectable homemade food. Bunches of sunflowers and carnations adorn the entrance, while its bright red exterior lures you inside. And what an inside! Baskets of locally sourced fruit and vegetables, rows of teas, infused oils, fresh breads, meats and cheeses offer a feast for the senses.

Taro's Ramen Cafe

288 Edward Street, Brisbane City

Taro's Ramen Cafe features a genuine Japanese menu. The ingredients are top-quality and noodles are freshly made in-house. Choose from a wide range of ramen broths with homemade chilli sauce, vegetables, chicken, seafood and miso accompanied by an array of noodle types and toppings. The ramen contains no MSG or preservatives, and only the best natural ingredients are selected.

Dello Mano

Tattersalls Arcade, 215 Queen Street, Brisbane City

Dello Mano is famous for its luxe, artisan brownies (even Oprah Winfrey says she’s a big fan of the Brisbane brownies) but have you heard about their winter soups? The family-run business focuses on feel-good food that reminds you of the comforts of home. They take their flavours very seriously so you know their soup of the moment with crusty bread is going to be delicious. Find their boutique in Tattersalls Arcade and indulge in a brownie after your bowl of soup.

Pappa Rich

Wintergarden Shopping Centre, Queen Street, Brisbane City

A modern version of the traditional coffee shops you’ll find in Malaysia, Pappa Rich’s fragrant soups have you feasting the true Malaysian way. The Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with prawns and chicken slices is a winter favourite with thin flat rice noodles in Pappa Rich’s freshly boiled chicken and prawn head broth. It’s topped with prawns, chicken slices, chives, red chilli and bean sprouts. Pop into the Wintergarden for a soup-er lunch.

New Shanghai

Queens Plaza, 226 Queen St, Brisbane City

It's hard to look past all those delicious bite-sized parcels but skip the dumplings and go straight to the soup section while the weather is cold. New Shanghai ladles out a range of tasty, Shanghai-inspired soups. Try the crab meat and sweet corn soup or one of the wonton soups. Great for a quick but nutritious bite on a busy day.

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