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20 winter warmers in Brisbane City

Brisbane City is bursting at the seams with restaurants serving up comfort food to keep you toasty warm this winter. As the weather dips below 20 degrees and there is a slight chill in the air, pull out your light jacket and chase down these belly-warming dishes. Summer body can wait. 

1. Ramen

Taro's Ramen

From Tonkotsu to Shio, if you hit up Taro's Ramen, Men Ya Go and Hakataya for a big bowl of hot ramen on a brisk winter's day you won't leave disappointed (or hungry).

2. Lasagne

The crowd-favourite Sandcrab Lasagne has been on the Il Centro menu for 26 years and once you take a bite of this creamy crustacean dish you'll understand why. Marchetti in Tattersall's Arcade also serves up a six-hour, slow-cooked handmade ragu layered with buffalo mozzarella, smothered in napoli sauce. Heaven.

3. KFD

The addictively crispy and crunchy Kentucky Fried Duck at Public is comfort-food perfection. 

4. Pasta 

Coppa Spuntino

Pasta might just be the ultimate comfort food. Indulge in a heaping bowl of pasta at Coppa Spuntino with options like Gnocchi, Duck Pappardelle and Sandcrab and Prawn Linguine - all delicious.  On Tuesdays from 4.30pm they have 'Pasta & Pico' nights where you can pick any of the pasta dishes paired with a glass of Pico Babera D’Asti for $25. Winning!

5.  Cheese and vino  

Hidden down a flight of stairs is the cosy and intimate Grape Therapy. Choose a drop from the extensive wine list of impossible-to-find vintages, small-catch boutique gems and carefully selected imported wines and pair with an artisan cheese or charcuterie board. Then settle in for the night on one of the vintage chesterfields. 

6. Hot chocolate

There is nothing better on a chilly winter's day than a warm-to-touch decadent hot chocolate. If you dare to stray away from old faithful milk chocolate, John Mills Himself has 15 less-conventional varieties like chilli, peppermint, lavender and peanut butter flavours. As well as being a chocolate-lover's haven, Noosa Chocolate Factory offers a range of rustic hot chocolates ranging from 90 to 73 per cent dark cacao, to 56 per cent semi-dark and 36 per cent milk chocolate options. Our favourite is the decadent Rocky Road hot chocolate.

7. Ribs

Buffalo Bar

We all know slow and low is the way to go. Buffalo Bar serves up succulent, tender and tasty nine-hour, slow-smoked beef short ribs that are to-die-for.

9. Loaded Fries

Red Hook Gravy Fries

Red Hook manages to raise the bar on childhood favourite fries by topping it with chilli cheese and brisket - adding a deliciously crunchy twist.

10. Pho

Little Saigon Grill serves delicious traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soup bursting with flavour. Accompanying the healthy and tasty noodle broth and beef slices, the large bowl of soup has an abundance of cut fresh herbs such as Vietnamese coriander, mint, chilli, topped off with the quintessential ingredient of fish sauce.

11. Japanese Katsu Curry

Known as a quintessential winter dish in Japan, Katsu Curry at Izakaya Kotobuki consists of succulent chicken breast, golden fried in breadcrumbs and smothered in rich Katsu curry sauce and served with rice. Pair with gently warmed sake or a miso soup.

12. Pizza

Corbett & Claude, Elizabeth St

A crispy, warm, cheesy pizza fresh out of the oven on a cold winter's night - is there much better? Corbett & Claude deliver the goods with a wide selection of classics and healthy options.

13. Shabu Shabu


Thaw out with a traditional Japanese Shabuat Shabuhouse where you're invited to design a hotpot from the all-you-can-eat buffet of seafood, meats, vegetables and broth.

14. Indian

From all-time-favourite Butter Chicken to spicy Vindaloo, feast on comforting, creamy Indian curries at Indian Mehfil.

15. Dumplings

New Shanghai Dumplings

What could warm your belly more than dumplings filled with your favourite filling and a hot, flavoursome broth? New Shanghai in Queensplaza usually boasts a long queue of people waiting to enjoy these parcels of joy, but trust us when we say the wait is worth it. 

16. Churros

We wouldn't wear white when you head to Chocolateria San Churro for some warm churros dunked into a melted chocolate dipping sauce - that white top will not make it out alive. 

17. Shakshuka

Shakshuka at Spring Hill Del

Move over muesli, with the change of season its time to spice up your breakfast routine with something that will warm your insides and not leave you reaching for your scarf. The spicy Israeli shakshuka from Spring Hill Deli will do just the trick.

18. Chicken Schnitty

Schnitzel is always a winner. Bavarian Bier Cafe has five different varieties of this comforting meal on the menu. We recommend you opt for a side of creamy mash.

19.  Laksa

The fiery Singapore Laksa soup at Fat Noodle in Treasury Casino is served with king prawns, scallops, chicken breast, rice noodles, tofu in a rich coconut broth.

20.  Gnocchi

Benfatti Foods

Gaining the honourable second mention because the gnocchi is just as delicious as the pizza is Corbett & Claude. Choose from a tomato herb, creamy mushroom or pesto sauce to warm your belly before adding the suggest extras - crispy chicken and haloumi anyone?

21.  Pancakes

Housed in a former church built in 1904, Pancake Manor dishes out a delicious variety of sweet and savoury food from its American influenced menu, specialising in pancakes and crepes. Shout out to the warm fluffy pancakes that taste even better at 2am.

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