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Winter Trends and Where to Buy Them in QSM

Words by Mayowa Adeniyi. Images by Vinny Lo 

Traditionally, the Australian winter has never been the strongest time for menswear. Aside from the addition of a few more jumpers to the wardrobe (trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that) we struggle to find trends that give us much to be excited about. 

But for some reason, 2021 has taken men’s winter fashion head-on and brought about some seriously cool trends for us to explore. Having spent the previous winter locked in and glued to our phones, we’ve emerged with a new-found appreciation for stepping out of our comfort zones. 

Here are some of those bolder looks we’re seeing this season.

Oversized Outerwear

As Queenslanders, we can be forgiven for never investing in quality jackets and coats for winter. After all, we tend to only have a few days of REAL winter each year. This is the only chance we get to really rug up and add on the layers for the day’s outfit. This winter’s outwear is bigger and bolder and it’s all thanks to one particular culprit: the puffer/down jacket. 

Perhaps we’re seeing the result of a lack of overseas ski trips or maybe just a noticeable drop in temperatures this season. In any case, inspiration from the Michelin Man himself seems to be making the rounds this winter. 

Styling this trend is completely up to personal interpretation, although traditional tones of navy, blue and grey are taking the lead here. Aside from considerations for fabric weight (after all, this is the sunshine state), there aren’t any limitations so long as it adds a new dimension of volume to the outfit. 

Looking for where to find this trend? Our international retailers seem to be jumping right on this trend, with brands like Uniqlo providing a range of key designs in hooded, non-hooded and parka-style options.

Tonal Colours

Speaking of tones, if you have managed to accrue a healthy selection of daily staples over time, your wardrobe might be looking more like a colour swatch book than a curated selection. While this indicates to some an opportunity to throw it all away and start over, this winter is the perfect opportunity to try out a more tonal approach to styling daily and occasional wear. 


While this doesn’t equal throwing things together and hoping for the best, colours such as camel, beige and green are giving us a real run for “fun” winter looks. 

It starts with a statement piece, like this Ralph Lauren sports jacket. Tonal trousers have been added in keeping with the colour theme. Lighter and darker shades will compliment any outfit as long as the central palette is consistent.

A white shirt might be the safe choice here, but the military green option adds a contrast that breaks up the outfit and draws individual attention. 

Finally, look for any opportunity to add texture to the look, such as a cable knit sweater layered over for a smart preppy style. This will help to layer the look and prevent you from falling into any monotonous traps.


Admittedly more of a fabric than a style, corduroy has slowly gained traction since last spring and is here to stay for the winter. What was once limited to colder regions is now Australian winter appropriate, and we’re taking full advantage of this trend.

Start with outerwear, like this rider jacket from M.J. Bale that functions for both casual and work-appropriate looks. When picking out colours, look for something compatible with as many wardrobe pieces as possible. We’re talking dark browns and rich navy here. Don’t be afraid to even pick something that ties in with the tonal trend.

Wear over a collared shirt for a smart look or dress down with a heavy tee or roll neck knit. The key here is to keep with the winter theme to avoid looking like an extra out of an old cowboy western. Added points for fully embracing the double corduroy look with some ankle-length pants to match!

So that’s about it! Your winter trends for men delivered in one place with where to find them in Queen Street Mall. The important thing here is to take these notes and add your own personality to them. Swap out colours, add more layers (within reason) and try new styles that you may not have considered before. 

Winter in Brisbane is very hot right now, at least for fashion.