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Wintergarden Cup Day Style

There is a great sense of excitement in the air this spring! Before you tighten your tie, you best nail the fashionable dress code at the up and coming race days.  There is a big difference between the suit you would wear to the office and the one you’d wear trackside, it’s essential to brush up on the appropriate attire for every day you attend.

To nail this race day’s dress code, go for an effortless look and a little fun.  Light and bright hues will make the perfect option for this chic yet somewhat casual day.  Remember, real men wear pink, so incorporate a subtle element of colour.  As such, your attire can be more comfortable and liberal because sartorial standards are a little less rigid.  Mixing trousers and blazers are a great idea to make a look more casual, wear brown or suede footwear styles to complete your look. When looking to accessories, on your left lapel it’s traditional to wear a Red Rose in celebration.

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