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Discover what's happening in the city, where to shop the latest trends along Queen Street Mall, and all the hot spots to meet for dinner or drinks in Brisbane CBD.

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Where to go for Melbourne Cup in Brisbane City 2019

It's time to frock or suit up, don a fancy hat and crack the champagne. Here are the best places for you and your friends or colleagues to celebrate Melbourne Cup in Brisbane City.

Where to shop sustainable fashion in Brisbane City

Use our sustainable fashion guide to shop Queen Street Mall and Brisbane City with locally made clothing, second hand and ethical clothing.

Boutiques and Burgers in Brisbane City

Plan your next date in Brisbane City to combine these two indulgences – burgers for lunch, and boutique shopping as a follow up.

River walks and rooftop bars in Brisbane City

With perfect blue skies almost year-round and a river that wraps itself around two-thirds of the CBD, name a more perfect thing to do in Brisbane City than drink cocktails in the sky and find a moment of peace by the water?

Florists in Brisbane City

No matter what your taste and budget, these florists in Brisbane City can help with fresh flowers and floral arrangements for any moment or occasion.

Where to buy jewellery in Brisbane City

Antique jewellery, engagement or wedding rings, custom designs, ready-made jewellery, repairs or remodelling – there’s a unique jeweller to create your special ring, earrings or necklace in Brisbane City.

Champagne and hot chips in Brisbane City

We've planned the perfect girls night itinerary that combines our two loves — champagne and chips. Fri-nally! Go on a hot chips safari and take bubble breaks at some of our favourite bars.

10 cool things to do this October in Brisbane City

Peel back those winter layers and launch yourself into the City this spring. Don’t miss these 10 events happening this October in Brisbane City.

Guide to luxury shopping in Brisbane City

When it comes to luxury shopping in Brisbane, the heart of the City is the place to go. Here you’ll find high-end international fashion brands filling the storefronts along Edward and Queen Streets and throughout QueensPlaza and Tattersall’s Arcade.

Where to buy shoes in Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall is a one-stop-shop for shoes. To help you hunt for the perfect pair we’ve crafted this guide to buying shoes in Brisbane City so you know where to find shoes that fit.