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Discover what's happening in the city, where to shop the latest trends along Queen Street Mall, and all the hot spots to meet for dinner or drinks in Brisbane CBD.

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How to Spend People's Weekend in The City

The People’s Weekend runs from Friday 14 August to Sunday 15 August, and we’ve got plenty of ideas how to spend a three-day weekend in The City.

Brisbane City's Most Scenic Spots

From popular locations to not-so-obvious sites, here’s where to find Brisbane City’s best backdrops.

Shop the Best Camping Goods For Your Next Road Trip

Here’s where to go in Brisbane City to source all the campaign gear you’ll need for your next weekend adventure.

The Best Wine & Cheese Spots in The City

Here’s where to enjoy the finest cheese platters and wine flights in The City.

Shop and Save in Brisbane City

There’s more than 60 participating retailers and companies offering fantastic deals, so now’s the time to shop, dine and stay at The City.

Dog Friendly Cafes

Here’s a list of our favourite dog-friendly cafes and pubs where you can treat your furry friends in The City.

We Rate the Best Vegan Dishes in The City

We’ve got the scoop on the best vegan dishes in Brisbane City with all the feel-good flavour you seek.

2020 Winter Trends and Where to Shop Them in The City

Here’s the lowdown on the 2020 winter trends and where to shop them in Brisbane City.

Top City Staycations

Now that home-schooling duties are over and WFH transitions back to office life, it’s time to start planning your next mini-break.

5 Ways to Spend Your Weekend in The City

Whether you’re planning a fun and carefree family day out, desperate to refresh your winter wardrobe or thrilled to sit in a café again, The City has you covered this weekend.