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5 minutes with Chef David Kim

Fresh oysters and bugs, crisp wines, riverside views and no other place to be. Our favourite riverside event – Sea to the City – is back again on 13 October. To get in the mood for this one-day seafood trail along Brisbane City's riverfront we caught up with Navala's head chef David Kim.

Chef David Kim of Navala

Where did you love of food come from and how did you get into the industry?

As I was born in Korea and grew up in New Zealand and Australia, experiencing multi-cultural food has been my second nature. Cooking is amazing thing. For me, cooking is not only a preparing a food but also experiencing its cultural background and history. Getting into this industry wasn't hard decision for me. I started cooking to get my tuition money for my Engineering degree back in Auckland. After few years of working in few restaurants, I noticed my talent in this industry. I decided to come to Australia to extend my knowledge by attending Intercontinental Hotel School in Sydney and my journey as professional chef began there.

Where do you get inspiration and what is your food philosophy?

I was very lucky enough to work with very talented chefs in many leading restaurants and hotels. These talented chefs have been and still are my inspiration. I still go around to try different foods which cooked by many different talents. My food philosophy is "fresh & simple with fine and enjoyable attitude".

What is your favourite seafood to cook with and why?

I was in charge of seafood department in Wildfire Restaurant Circular Quay back in 2005-2007. A lot of different seafood came across by and this is almost impossible for me to choose one. But if I have to really choose one, I will say "Kingfish". Why? Because kingfish is very versatile ingredient which can be cooked into many different types of dishes.

Eagle Street Pier

What other ingredients are you loving to work with right now?

Spices. I love to work with different combination of spices. There are endless possibilities.

What’s one your favourite feature or menu item from your restaurant you wish everyone knew about?

Our restaurant concept and menu are designed for people to enjoy for any occasion. As a waterfront restaurant, from the couples to a very large group, our floor plan and booking process is very simple and easy and our menu has so many varieties, no one will be missed out.

What do you love most about living and working Brisbane?

People and lifestyle. I lived and worked in Sydney for 15 years before I moved up to Brisbane 6 years ago. It was one of the best decisions our family has made. 

Get ready for round two! Brisbane’s Bug & Oyster Trail, Sea to the City is back for its second year on Sunday 13 October 2019. The one-day alfresco food trail celebrates fresh seafood with 17 of Brisbane's best riverside restaurants serving up specially curated seafood delights that hero oysters and bugs. 

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