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Brisbane Transit Centre (a common pickup point), Roma Street (adjacent Hotel Jen end of Transit Centre), Brisbane City, Queensland 4000


NOTE: Due to Coronavirus, no tours until t last November 20-20.

Travel with Araucaria Ecotour's wildlife experts from Brisbane to rainforests, bushland, wetlands, beaches, mountains and outback on small group tours, all with advanced eco-certification. Seek kangaroos, koalas, platypus, bats, dolphins, forest birds, waterbirds, raptors, reptiles, frogs and other wildlife for one or several days.

Their emphasis is on helping you gain a deeper understanding of the wildlife's diversity, behaviour and ecology and what makes it so different from other regions

Day tours include wildlife-viewing, bird-watching (novice to experienced, good bird variety but emphasis more on bird ecology, behaviour and photography than intensive life-listing) and Coochiemudlo, a scenic little island near Brisbane.

The wildlife overview tour introduces major groups of Australian wildlife and ecosystems while visiting a variety of habitats and a wildlife park. Outback tours are run on demand in Spring and Autumn. Custom tours are possible.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome on most tours. Walking is gentle, with emphasis on viewing, learning and photography. Seniors, families, students and special interest groups are happily catered for. Special diets and other needs (including lightweight wheel-chair) can be accommodated. Pickup is usually from Brisbane City or inner southern suburbs.

They practice environmentally-sound procedures and contribute to wildlife conservation and research

Tours & Rates

3 Day Wildlife Tour
NOTE: due to Covid-19 this tour will not be operating until at least November 2020. Enjoy a zoologist-designed introduction to Australia's major wildlife groups, their ecology and behaviour, find why Australia is so different, and visit wonderfully scenic wild places. View wildlife in rainforests, eucalypt forests, wetlands, wild coasts and other native habitats, plus a wildlife park run by National Parks. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Choose between camping and a beautiful bed-and-breakfast by the forest on the first night and an ecolodge by rainforest on the second.

Seek kangaroos, koalas, platypus, kookaburras and other icons as well as lesser known creatures. See a colony of large and noisy fruit bats and watch for dolphins from coastal cliffs. Receive a custom-written book on Australia's wildlife detailing the major groups, some of the plant groups important to them and an overview of the evolutionary/ geological history of Australia. Advanced eco-certification.

With sufficient notice this tour can be extended to four days to allow other experiences such as whale-watching (in winter), snorkelling, horse-riding or Aboriginal culture.
Price: $682 - $935
Above prices are per person, and range from camping option to accommodation with solo-occupancy room. An additional AUD300 will be charged for a single-person tour.
6 Day Outback Tour
NOTE: due to Covid-19 this tour will not be operating until next year.
Travel way out west through brigalow, mulga and other semi-arid habitats to Currawinya National Park and Bowra (a well-known birding hotspot) in the true outback red sand, red kangaroos, emus, Major Mitchell cockatoos, mulga parrots, other colourful outback parrots, wood swallows, brolgas and other birds in arid shrub lands, waterholes, creek beds, freshwater and saltwater lakes. Be prepared for a long drive on the first and last day. Accommodation a combination camping, small outback hotels and a former cattle station. Advanced eco-accreditation. Option of mud bath at Eulo. Spend one night camping if desired, and one or more at Bowra Station.

With advance notice, may be extended to eight or 10 days. The most active times for bird and other wildlife activity are early morning and late afternoon.
Price: $2662
Derived from 1 person rate.
Bird-Watching Day Tour
NOTE: due to Covid-19 this tour will not be operating until at least November 2020.

For absolute beginners through to professional ornithologists, visiting eucalypt forest, rainforests, coastal habitats and/or wetlands (and sometimes heathlands). Travel with a research ornithologist. Not all venues will be visited on a particular day. The usual route includes Eagleby Wetlands and Lamington National Park. For extended birding, consider a three-day wildlife overview tour, outback tours or a custom tour.

The main focus is on seeing (and often photographing) birds in their natural habitat and discussing the behaviour and ecology of those you see or hear, the differences of Australia's birdlife compared to other world regions, and conservation issues.

Tours involve gentle, short walks (unless you advise beforehand that you want extended walks, or have mobility problems: you can still see a lot even from a wheelchair). Let Araucaria know at time of booking if your interests are mainly seeing as many species as possible, seeing particular species, learning about local birds, or just experiencing the rainforests and others habitats with birds as a bonus.

The first guest to book for the day chooses the starting time (usually between 6am and 8am).

The tour has advanced eco-certification.
Price: $209 - $259
If guest is the sole guest for the day or if pickup is from airport or Gold Coast, there is a AUD50 supplement.
Coochiemudlo Island
NOTE: due to Covid-19 this tour will not be operating until at least November 2020.

Enjoy a day of gentle walking on scenic sandy beaches, rocky shores, mangroves, tea-tree wetland and eucalyptus forest, with flora and fauna interpretation, close to Brisbane but away from the crowds. Fauna on the island usually include raptors (especially whistling kite, brahminy kite, osprey and white-bellied sea-eagle), bush stone-curlews and other birds, butterflies, molluscs and crabs (sometimes hundreds of blue soldier crabs marching across the beach if the tide is right), molluscs and other shore life.

Advanced eco-accreditation.
Price: $176 - $226
Derived from 1 person rate. Higher price if only one guest for that day (no cancellation for low numbers - just the solo traveller surcharge).
Rainforests, Glow-worms and Wine
NOTE: due to Covid-19 this tour will not be operating until at least November 2020.

Experience a very well-designed artificial limestone cave housing many happily breeding glow-worms that take the pressure off the colonies in the National Parks. There is nothing artificial about the insects themselves, and in fact this is now the largest glow worm colony in the world. Taste a few local wines (or sip a fruit juice) and enjoy a sumptuous meal while viewing the lake, birds and landscaped gardens. Walk through eucalypt forest and lush rainforests to giant trees, cycads and waterfalls. Enjoy a boardwalk into the rainforest canopy.
Price: $198 - $248
Derived from 1 person rate. The higher price is if the tour includes only one person.
Wildlife and Forests Day Tour
NOTE: due to Covid-19 this tour will not be operating until at least November 2020.

See wildlife in forests in and near Greater Brisbane. Visit rainforests, eucalypt forests and tea-tree wetland, looking for koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, fruitbats, birds, lizards (in warmer months), butterflies and other wildlife, and learn about their ecology and behaviour. There are no guarantees of particular species, but you will certainly see wildlife. Visit a realistic man-made cave to see thousands of glow-worms (usually only visible at night) and walk through a koala enclosure. Experience the rainforest canopy on a safe elevated platform.
Price: $220 - $270
Derived from 1 person rate. The higher price is for a one-person tour. There is no cancellation for low numbers - just a surcharge.


  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.


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Brisbane Transit Centre (a common pickup point), Roma Street (adjacent Hotel Jen end of Transit Centre), Brisbane City, 4000, Queensland, Australia

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