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Brisbane Street Games

Reddacliff Place, Brisbane City, Queensland 4000


Brisbane Street Games brings the challenges of an escape room and the thrill of a scavenger hunt to life on the streets of Brisbane. You have two hours to catch the Brisbane burglar by using your wits, skills and detective kit (provided). Your game operator will brief you on the case and provide you with a gamebook to follow along.

Learn about the city as you use the local city landscape and historical information to help solve your case. Work in teams of two to six players as you solve problems and decipher codes. The self-guided game covers 2.2 kilometres of Brisbane city and starts within a five minutes walk from Central Station. Come play this unique game!

Games are played on a daily basis and be sure to dress in character!

Tours & Rates

Detective Game
Brisbane's first adventure-themed game has you solving riddles and challenges as you compete against time to catch the Brisbane Burglar. The Special Task Unit is recruiting detectives for their team. Have you got what it takes to catch the Brisbane Burglar? Meet Senior Detective Watson at the secret location in the CBD to receive your Detective bag and game book. Follow the challenges as you solve clues and explore Brisbane City.
Price: $30 - $45
2-5 players $45 per person 6-10 players $40 per person ‚Äč Group rates 11-20 players $35 per person 21-60 players $30 per person


Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Adventure
  • Family
  • Experience is charged


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Reddacliff Place, Brisbane City, 4000, Queensland, Australia

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