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Your hosts, Ray and Karen, share a passion for wine and its provenance and discovered a bounty of family owned and operated wineries and micro breweries in and around Moreton Bay, Somerset Region and Scenic Rim, their local region .

Escape the bustle of Brisbane City and visit the laid back Australian countryside. Breathing scenery and clean country air, reflect on quaint historic towns, all while refining your palate with Boutique Wine and Beers.

Tours & Rates

Moreton Bay Wine and Beer Tour - Departing Roma Street
Explore the Vineyards and Micro Breweries in the Moreton Bay and Somerset Region sampling fine wines, beers and local produce. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Brisbane hinterland mountains.

Experience a diverse day of Australian hospitality. This tour is for everyone, wine for some and beer and cider for those who prefer a heartier beverage.

Departing from Brisbane City, you will travel through the hills of the Moreton Bay Hinterland and Somerset Region with a scenic look out stop along the way.

Enjoy three wine tastings at various local Wine Cellar Doors and a delicious Wine and Cheese Appreciation lesson.

You will then be treated to a piece of mouth-watering local Aussie Black Angus Steak cooked just the way you like it, with seasonal sides, all accompanied by a glass of wine of your choice.

You will then wind down your day with yet another tasting, but this time at a Micro Brewery, showcasing a range of locally Crafted Beers and Ciders. Sip on a tasting paddle of various flavours.
Price: $180
Per person price.
Mt Glorious to Samford Art Food and Wine Tour - Series 1
Don't miss out on this limited bespoke Art Series Tour 1. Spend a day perusing impressive art, exclusive ‘Maker’ Experience with a local artist, whilst sipping on wine, and sampling delicious food fro the Moreton Bay Region.
Price: $200
Adults only
One Hump Camel Farm and Wine Tour - Departing Roma Street
Scenic Rim Wine, Chocolates, and a Camel Farm Tour....what else could you ask for!

Discover quality boutique wineries at the Scenic Rim and experience a unique Camel Farm producing milk, cheese, ice cream and skin products.

You will experience cellar door tastings and learn first hand how camel products have gained fame as being considered heather than cows milk, and the skin products are said to have magical revitalising effects on your skin.

Sit back and relax and admire the scenery in the mini bus while you are driven out to the first stop which is the camel farm.

Start your day by tasting some of the camel products for morning tea at the camel farm, then professional cameleers will guide you on a behind the scenes tour through the world’s largest wild camel training centre, dairy operation and skincare production facilities.

You will then head to a quality boutique winery for a cellar door tasting to sample some of the finest wine produced in the Scenic Rim.

From there you will head over to another mighty fine winery who's vineyard was established in back in 1895. Enjoy more wine tastings and a relaxing all inclusive lunch for the afternoon.
Price: $230
Per person price


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