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Photoh offers a range of day and night outdoor photography classes. They also arrange casual meet up groups, in these outings a professional photographer is always there to guide members.

On your walking tour your friendly photographer tour guide will show you a range of different sites in a small group to learn the tricks of the trade, this way you can experiment in different backgrounds, angles and lightings.

It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned shutterbug, their hosts are on hand to offer tuition, advice and encouragement suited to everybody's needs.

Depending on the type of class you choose, you will be taught a variety of relevant composition and technical aspects.

Tours & Rates

Beginners Photography Course
Learn to take beautiful landscape photos of your very own. Hosted by Francis Keating, on your photo walk, you will be taken to a range of different exciting sites in a small group and learn the tricks of the trade.

Occurring every second Saturday, this walking photography class for beginners will cover both composition and more technical aspects.

Composition: subject selection, subject isolation, symmetry, angles, repetition and patterns, reflections, juxtaposition and textures.

Technical: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length and lenses, lighting, time of day, weather, over and under exposure and using shutter speed for interest.

Your host is Francis Keating who has worked in photography for over 12 years. He holds a Bachelor of Education and has studied photography at the Queensland College of Art. His travel photographs have been published National Geographic and Explorer. Francis has held several photographic exhibitions in Taiwan, Australia and Hungary. Whilst living in Budapest, Hong Kong and Taichung he also ran successful Beginner's and Intermediate courses for expats from around the world.
Price: $99
Brisbane Photography Group
The Brisbane Photography Group meets every fortnight on Saturdays. People who attend this group meet at different photogenic locations around Brisbane. The group is open to everyone from complete beginners to seasoned shutterbugs. These groups are informal and are intended for you to meet other photographers and share knowledge with them.

A professional photographer is always in attendance to guide the group, answer questions and make suggestions.

Any kind of camera is fine to bring along, even a smart phone. However you'll get more out of the group with a DSLR or a camera with manual controls.
Price: $25 - $70
Night Photography Course
Happening every second Saturday, this course will teach you how to take beautiful photographs at night, and includes lessons on night scapes, low light portraiture, and light painting.

Hosted by Anita and Paul, participants are shown a range of different sites to learn composition and more technical aspects, all whilst creating some beautiful photographs of your very own.

Anita has hands on experience within her own Photography business photographing a wide variety of subjects from portraiture through to landscapes and low light/night photography.

Paul's own business, Photographing Architecture, utilises the same skills and seeing required for low light/night photography of the built and natural environments.
Price: $99
Photo Exploration of Brisbane Central Business District
Discover Brisbane's South Bank in a way you have not had the chance to before. See the most memorable views Brisbane has to offer and learn to take professional shots of them. Throughout the walk you will learn photographic tips and tricks to improve your photography. Everyone is welcome, no matter what level of photography experience, or what type of camera you have.

The walks begin every second Saturday in the afternoon and concludes in the evening to allow you to capture Brisbane during different times of light.

Your host Jaisal Patel is part of the University of Queensland Photography society and has had a passion for landscape and long exposure photography since beginning his exploration of the art in 2011. Over the years, Jaisal has learnt that as long as the fundamentals are mastered and there is passion present, you'll get the perfect shot.
Price: $39
Portraiture and Photographing People
Occurring every second Saturday, this course is here to teach you the ins and outs of portrait photography. Francis Keating, your host will teach members how to convey personality and story in your images through lighting, posture and framing. You will also find out how to take natural portraits and how to best make use of your environment to improve a shoot.

The course will cover how to creatively manipulate lighting and composition, as well as extensive knowledge and tips on interacting with people of many cultures as Francis has discovered on his travels.

Your host is Francis Keating, a photography professional who has taught in Budapest and Hong Kong as well as Australia and appeared in Czech and American publications, National Geographic, Explorer and My Home magazines. He achieved a high distinction in portraiture when studying photography at the Queensland College of Art. Francis excels at black and white photography, having been nominated seven times in three years for the prestigious International Black and White Spider Awards.
Price: $59
Smartphone Photography Course
If you are frustrated by not knowing how to use the camera on your beloved smartphone this course will help you learn how to take great portraits, landscapes and action shots.

Discover how to take great professional shots of your friends, family, pets and events you attend. Also master how to utilise the many photography Apps out there to your advantage.

Courses are held every second Saturday and aim to teach you the tips and tricks you need to take proper photos with your smartphone's camera.

Your host is Pierce Eldridge, who has showcased his photographs at the Light Exhibition at the Southside Tea Room.
Price: $39
Street Photography Course
Capture those moments you have longed to when you take strolls down the streets of Brisbane. Hosted every second Saturday, you will be focusing specifically on street photography as well as learning aspects of beginner photography theory and concepts as well.

The instructor is Kevin Wilton, a highly experienced educator and photographer. He has been photographing for over 30 years, and educating for more than five. Kevin Wilton also runs the very popular Brisbane Photography Group.
Price: $79


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